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This very advanced capacitive touchscreen phone is totally new and spicily hot pink with 16M colours. If you are the women with style who wants to keep up with her boldness, beauty, office, money and of course “family” then this is the phone for you. From September 1, 2012, the new and stringent radiation emission rules for mobile phones and towers will come into effect in India.
According to sources, the telecom department (DoT) will inform all handset makers, mobile phone companies and tower companies of the deadline before April-end. Radiation emitted by cellphones varies from instrument to instrument and is measured in terms of specific absorption rate (SAR) – the amount of radio waves absorbed by the body tissue when a phone is in use. Radiation limits for towers have also been tightened to a tenth of the existing exposure level. The world of mobile phones has been diversifying into many social regions over the past few years.
The Pink Mobile Phones are one such measure undertaken that mainly targets the female section of the society. The phones have cameras, video players, music players, recorders, internet access, an organizer and many more such features.

It’s easily the most feature-packed and intuitive mobile device that has ever been introduced. Under the new norms, the manufacturers must stipulate emission levels for handsets sold in India. According to the industry body representing handset makers, nearly 650 models of low-end Chinese handsets don’t comply with the new emission standards and will have to be redesigned.
The government has rejected the demands from the industry that the new norms for tower companies be deferred. Published since 2005 in both print and online formats, the monthly magazine is focused to promoting the use of ICT for bringing efficiency, accountability and transparency in governance. It has become important for the companies to figure out ways and means in order to pick up their sales, which would subsequently help them fight the intense competition.
It is well known that women and girls are much drawn to the color pink as is girly and pretty to their eyes. Countless companies in the market sell their phones t the public at all kinds of rates and deals. Pink phones used to rare, even till now they’re not everywhere, but if you seek you can find them in every color from blossom to rose, bubblegum to candy heart, and palest peach to bright magenta.

It’s the kind of pink phone that you get when what you not only care about is how the phone looks but what it has in it. But what we don’t love is being tethered to the same black-and-white world as all the drones that are walking around with the same phone. All you need to do is go on the online portals and make your pick as to which phone appeals to you the most.
And then there are other women who would prefer a soft pink phone that reveals their intimate romantic side. It’s also a really thin lightweight phone which is something that pink phone buyers tend to prefer. If you’re the kind of woman who can pull off wearing hot pink lipstick then you’re the kind of woman who can send a message with this phone. And If the message that you want to send to the world is that you’re the woman who is bold and beautiful then the right phone for you is just a few clicks away.

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