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This morning I heard that in honor of Mother’s Day, Dairy Queen would give you a free cake if you would just send them an email with your baby’s birth certificate attached.
What, ABC News, you don’t want your readers warned about the risks of child identity theft related to sending their birth certificates to others? Sending a birth certificate via email, as Dairy Queen and their marketer Pierson Grant are requesting you to do, is a huge and completely unnecessary risk and very thoughtless, privacy-negligent practice; it puts your child at risk of identity theft. I am so glad I was live-streaming Great Day this morning while working; that is where I heard that Dairy Queen was making this offer…thanks for reporting this, Lou!
Tell Dairy Queen to stop doing such DUMB, RISKY and UNNECESSARY marketing campaigns, and putting sensitive personal information…of children…at risk!

And, tell ABC News to think more about the privacy risks of their posted requests…and putting children at risk, instead of deleting useful information to protect their marketers! With child identity theft increasing, parents definitely should not be sending their children’s birth certificates, along with their name, residential address, phone and email, to some marketing company hired by Dairy Queen in exchange for free cake. Do not send children’s personal information, including a birth certificate, through email to potentially many unknown others, just for a free ice cream cake. The data on that birth certificate can be used for identity theft and identity fraud, and give your child a bad credit rating years before they actually start needing to get loans and credit cards…and possibly before they can even walk!
What are they going to do with all those birth certificates after this marketing campaign is over!?

If this data is used inappropriately, you could ruin your child’s credit rating, and it may not be caught for years.

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