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In mean time authoritative server will give the answer to TLD and TLD will pass to root server and root will provide the info to browser, hence the browser will cache the DNS request for future use. For this article, I’m using 3 machines, 2 for server setup (master and slave) and 1 for client.
First, verify the IP address, Hostname and Distribution version of Master DNS Server, before moving forward for setup. Once, you confirm that the above settings are correct, its time to move forward to install required packages.
Slave DNS – Define your Slave DNS, which is used to sync our zone information to resolve the hosts from Master.
We use sample configuration files for creating forward zone files, for this we’ve to copy the sample configuration files.
Once, you’ve copied configuration files, now edit these zones files using vim editor.
Before defining our host information in forward zone file, first have a quick look at the sample zone file.
This is my forward zone configuration, append the below entry and make changes as per your need. Before defining our host information in reverse zone file, have a quick look of sample reverse lookup file as shown below.

This is my reverse zone configuration, append the below entry and make changes as your need. Check the group ownership of forward look-up & reverse look-up files, before checking for any errors in configuration.
By default iptables was running and our DNS server is restricted to localhost, if client wants to resolve name from our DNS Server, then we have to allow the inbound request, for that we need to add iptables inbound rule for the port 53. Finally, test the configured Master DNS zone files (forward and reverse), using dig & nslookup tools. In Slave machine, also we need to install same bind packages as shown in Master, so let’s install them using following command. After restarting the bind service, we don’t have to define the zone information individually, as our allow-transfer will replicate the zone information from master server as shown in the image below. Status – Status was NO ERROR, that means which query request sent by us was successful without any ERROR.
Finally, setup completed, here we have configured both Primary (Master) and Slave (Seconday) DNS server successfully, hope everyone have setup-ed without any issue, feel free to drop a comment if you face any issue while setup. Download all articles in PDF format with our TecMint Content Subscription and Linux Support Services starting at $10 per month. I'm Working as a System Administrator for last 10 year's with 4 years experience with Linux Distributions, fall in love with text based operating systems.

Master DNS servers (Primary Server) are the original zone data handlers and Slave DNS server (Secondary Server) are just a backup servers which is used to copy the same zone information’s from the master servers.
Here we need to create the zone files in the name of what we have define in the named.conf file as below. After editing the forward look-up, it looks like below, Use TAB to get a decent format in zone file. After editing the reverse look-up, it looks like below, Use TAB to get a decent format in zone file.
Master Server will resolve the names for every hosts which we defined in the zone database and use UDP protocol, because UDP protocols never use the acknowledgement process while tcp uses acknowledgement.
Hmm that’s all we know, but the fact is, how pain DNS go through it, while querying for us.

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