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The Southlake Resources LLC Telnote Large Caller ID Display is great for the home or office. This question is from Telnote Large Caller ID Display 2 answers does it use batteries? It comes with a small power supply ( a low voltage transformer) that plugs into a typical household 115V circuit. Our Solutions comprise products from a complete line of Point of Sale Hardware, and Point of Sale Software POS venders. ALDELO Point of Sale software is the Perfect solution for your Pizzeria - whether it is Dine-In Pizza, Carry-Out Pizza, Pizza Delivery, Take & Bake Pizza Store or any combination! Aldelo is designed for YOUR Pizza Restaurant Service needs with features as standard that are often not available in other restaurant point of sale or even pizza restaurant Point of Sale systems. Integrated Pizza Restaurant Point of Sale features such a Pizza Box label printing, Caller ID function, Pizza Driver Delivery Mapping, Driver Dispatch Integration, Web Order Integration, Video Surveillance Integration, Customer Loyalty Program, Integrated Gift Cards. Aldelo for Restaurants LITE - for simpler Cash Register replacement and advanced reporting features.
Scroll down to the bottom for a comparison of features and decide which is the version for your needs and then call us for a complete quote.
Check out the Add-Ons listed in the Menu Bar to find enhancements that will add even more value.
Caller ID function is directly integrated into Aldelo for Restaurants allowing you to see who is calling and look at previous orders they may have made.
Zebra - the leader in Label and Bar code Printers allows you to print individual 'box labels' for your pizza, subs and other items - either for delivery or pick-up.

Grow your business faster, take more orders and compete with the larger chains on their own turf! This software is also ready & compatible for add on solutions such as fingerprint security, kitchen display integration, hotel integration, payment processing, headquarters control, centralized gift card tracking and much more.
Wish there was a restaurant point of sale & store management software that was affordable, easy to use, feature rich, 100% Windows based, & 100% touch operated point of sales? Suddenlink can send your voicemail directly to your email, so you can listen to messages immediately on your smartphone, tablet or computer. We provide Point of Sale (POS) SERVICE, SUPPORT and SOLUTIONS to help you gain the most from your current technology and an easy path to upgrade your systems.
Your Driver can choose to view his delivery route and even optimize way points for 'faster' On-Time Delivery.
On-line orders are seamlessly taken from a secure web page that we build and integrates directly inside your existing web site for fast, convenient, prepaid orders that quickly add to your bottom line of profitability.
With Suddenlink TV Caller ID, the caller's name and number appears on your screen, so you can decide to take the call or ignore it - without missing a second of programming. Messages can be sent to up to three addresses, so other family members can receive them, too.
It comes with all manufacturer supplied accessories, and full manufacturer's USA warranty. We have complete Point-of-Sale systems for Retail stores, Point-of-sale for Gift stores, Point-of-sale for Liquor stores, Point-of-sale for Convenience stores, Point-of-sale for Video rental, Point-of-sale for Fine dining restaurants, Point-of-sale for Quick Service restaurants, Point-of-sale Pizza Delivery, Point of sale Beauty Salon.
MapPoint from Microsoft does require a separate purchase and must be installed on the same system that is running the Delivery orders.

With Suddenlink’s Enhanced 911 service, rescuers can pinpoint your location, even if you’re unable to speak.
Point of Sale pet grooming, Point of sale for Nail Salons, Point of Sale for Grocery Stores. Dial back your cell phone minutes and keep in touch with friends and family across the country. Phone Service will not function in the event of battery backup failures, network or electrical outages.
Fuji T-160 HQ VHS Video Tape, 160 minutes recording time, High Quality Multi-Purpose Videotape, up to 6 hours recording time (HQ 160 HQ-160 HQ160 T160 T160HQ 23022161)4. They customer sees your entire Menu on-line and takes their time to order exactly what they want without feeling rushed or hurried by a busy telephone Cashier. All of our Pole Displays, Cash Drawers, Bar Code Printers, Bar Code Scanners or Bar Code Readers, Receipt Printers, Touch screen Monitors, Flat Screen Monitors, Standard and Specialized Cash Registers are the best in the industry. If you are a looking for a Retail Point of Sale or Restaurant Point of Sale solution consider our Retail POS and Restaurant POS solutions before you spend needlessly.
We guarantee that you will save on your Point of Sale Software and Point of Sale Hardware solution. Max Burton 07100 Wind 'N Go Flashlight with 3 LEDs; Uses Rechargeable Lithium Battery for up to 500 recharges, which should last more than ten years (07100 Athena 7100 Winding)8.

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