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Credit scores are usually the last thing people usually think about when they go to sign up for new cell service, or upgrade an existing plan.However anyone with bad credit or a limited credit history that getting cell service can be difficult, since many carriers will require a large deposit (use this tool to check) for hundreds or even thousands of dollars which most people simply don't have to spend on a phone.It turns out you have choices!
Read our Complete Review of Sprint PrepaidWhy is a Prepaid Plan Better?Prepaid plans don't require a deposit because the phone isn't subsidized, meaning that you pay for your phone up front.
First, you don't have to pay a deposit and can often just buy the phone outright for less than half of the required deposit for a contract plan.
Secondly, your monthly bill with a prepaid plan is usually much cheaper ($20 - $30 less per month per line) - simply because you've already paid for the phone.*The third major advantage is that you can cancel service or change carriers at any time, since you aren't locked into a contract. FTC Disclaimer: The information found on this website is provided and intended for information and entertainment purposes only.

Our Free Online Newspaper Classifieds are an Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Print Newspaper Classified Advertising. Make 12 months of on-time payments and qualify for a new smartphone at the lowest upfront-price.Choose from a variety of the latest smartphonesOr choose T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan with No Credit Check - learn how here!
The advertising relation that we maintain with card issuers, banks, lenders, and other companies, do not influence our opinions.
Of course, these calculations may change as providers are moving towards new leasing, early upgrade, and installment payment plans to make the phone cost more transparent.In conclusion - if you have bad credit or limited credit it's usually cheaper to just buy the phone outright and go with a prepaid plan.
Many people are moving to prepaid and unsubsidized plans regardless of their credit scores, simply because you get more flexibility and many of the plans are just as good as their subsidized counterparts, for half the price.

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