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It all depends on how visitors view other people on the websites they visit, says study co-author Rebecca Walker Naylor.
In the research, Naylor and her research team studied how people bid in three different circumstances. The researchers found that participants bid the most when competing against the anonymous party. The researchers also said that online consumers can take advantage of the research in another way by visiting specialty sites when shopping online. The research will be published in the August 2013 issue of the Journal of Consumer Research.
Moscow, Russia - February 27, 2014: Online shopping paid via Paypal payments using plastic cards Visa and Mastercard.

Woman lying in her home living room on floor shopping or doing banking transactions online in the Internet, emphasized by shopping bags in the background. Flat design stylish vector illustration of customer planning online shopping via the Internet using a credit card and mobile phone secure connection. Every Wednesday we share a new infographic, showcasing a different topic within the world of eCommerce. Visitors to competitive auction websites, like eBay, often see other visitors to those sites as competition since they are both bidding against one another for the same products. Shoppers who visit specialty sites may be less likely to overbid since they are bidding against others who share similar interests. Infographics are a great way to soak up a ton of interesting data in a visual way, and since we enjoy them so much here at Demac Media, we thought we’d share!

On the other hand, visitors to sites like Yelp or Amazon are often perceived as a friend or ally and therefore visitors do not see them as a threat. Lastly, participants were not told how similar or different they were from the person they were bidding against.

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