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Saturday was the perfect day to take a trip ’round Huron County to pick up some fresh, organic maple syrup. This equipment, called a PIG (it looks like one, eh?) churns thickened syrup for smooth creamy maple butter. Saps contains 2% sugar, After processing through this Reverse Osmosis System it’s at 16%.

Dinner on Saturday night included Tangy Maple Meatballs – a recipe that Suzanne shared with us. Next to Normal: A play to be talked about11 April 2016By Diva Heather Boa Next to Normal isn’t your normal community theatre production by a long shot.
Dentistry On 7 is one of the Offices and Clinics of Dentists in Markham, Ontario, located in Unit 3, 4721 Highway 7, L3R 1M7.

Contact a representative of Salon Furniture Depot Toronto at 647-998-9180 for your queries.

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