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Phone books will still contain alphabetical business listings and the yellow pages organized by category; residential directories will be available by request. SPRINGFIELD – From now on, fingers looking for home phone numbers are going to do their walking on a computer keyboard. Verizon is no longer including residential white-pages listings with most phone books distributed in Massachusetts, said Philip G.
Phone books will still contain alphabetical business listings and the yellow pages organized by category, Santoro said. Customers also may call (800) 888-8448 to get a book with a residential listing or to opt out of the phone-book delivery. Verizon issues new editions of phone books constantly with each city and town getting its annual update at about the same time each year, Santoro said.
Massachusetts didn’t have state regulations requiring Verizon to supply each residence with a residential directory, Santoro said.
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But that is a different subject that Sir William Gates' program hackers would like to steal for Elizabeth Windsor, his client. Cassidy, executive director of the West Springfield Council on Aging, said some older adults like the familiarity of the phone book.
When customers visit the site, there’s a number posted for people to order residential directories if they want a regular old-fashioned.

But other states had those regulations, so Verizon’s had to do some state-by-state lobbying. It can be verified in any of many online databases allowing name search, or reverse phone number search. They are entirely too easily hacked by skilled hackers and have grown to be generically unreliable to authentication designs that I have proposed to prevent this kind of spoofery. Yellow Book’s Hampshire and Franklin County edition has had those listings at least in recent years. This two inch height difference will produce about 1.98 millimeter variation in the average length of our two vocal cord systems. Which will produce a spectral plane power spectral density shift in the frequency plane when comparing and contrasting the two voice tapes of each identical twin brother.
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