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Leader educational sector ERP-CRM, aGora offers all you need for your centre’s management in a unique environment. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.
Tool allows the user to extract numbers through search engines like yahoo, google, altavista, bing, askcom etc. HrKr - Telephone Directory is a small and easy to use application that allows you to keep your friend's name, telephone number and e-mail or home address in one place.

It can extract phone numbers from different files which meets the search criteria in the most efficient manner.
We as Bulk SMS providers have contracts with relevant MNOs to ensure smooth and quick delivery of your SMS across regions. BhdYes Life is a revolutionary unified communications experience that carries the things you normally do on your mobile devices, like phones, iPads and many more onto your computer, both PC and Mac. That means your mobile devices become an extension of your computer, and your computer becomes a complement to your mobile devices.

You can send multilple SMSes at once through your connected Mobile Phone (GSM Mobile Phone). It also allows you to customize your SMS with many fields such as (Mobile Number Holder's Name).

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