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After entering this information, you will be connected to your local BCBS company’s website to gain access to your member benefits.
If you are already a Blue Cross and Blue Shield member but would like to understand other options that could save you money or provide wider coverage options, please call us at 1-888-630-BLUE(2583) or go to your local Blue Cross and Blue Shield company website to talk about getting a quote. There are many various types of healthcare coverage options* available to you in the United States and around the world through participating Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies.
A FSA is an account that reimburses employees for specified expenses (for example, health care or dependent care) as expenses are incurred.
An HMO is a type of health benefits plan for which members are required to receive health care only from providers that are part of the HMO network. Medicare is federally funded health insurance, typically for those aged 65 and over, or for people under 65 who are disabled or meet other special criteria. There are several parts that make up Medicare and each is designed to cover some of your healthcare needs. Medicare Part A: Covers some of your inpatient hospital stays, rehabilitation and some additional skilled nursing care. Medicare Part B: Helps to cover your doctor visits and other medical services like x-rays and lab tests. Medigap: This works with A and B and fills in specific cost sharing gaps where A and B might not cover all the services you receive, like helping with some of your copays or coinsurance costs.
Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C): Covers all Medicare Part A and B benefits and may offer lower cost sharing and additional benefits that Medicare doesn't cover. Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Medicare Part D): Helps you with your prescription drugs costs. Participating Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies offer Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans in local markets across the country.
To learn more about Medicare and which BCBS Medicare Coverage options might work for you, try our free AskBlue Medicare Guide. A PPO is a Plan that allows members to choose any provider but offers higher levels of coverage if members receive services from health care providers in the plan’s PPO network. An HRA is an account that reimburses employees for specific health care expenses as expenses are incurred. Indemnity, also known as traditional insurance or Fee-for-Service, is a traditional insurance plan that reimburses for health care services provided to members based on providers bills submitted after the services are rendered. Point-of-Service coverage is a healthcare option that allows members to choose medical services as needed and whether they will go to a provider within the Blue Cross and Blue Shield network or seek medical care outside of the network.
Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that provides hospital expenses and medical expense coverage to the low-income population and certain aged and disabled individuals. Looking for a replacement card, getting the most out of your benefits, where to find a provider?
Take advantage of member-only access to resources and discounts on health-related products and services.
Read national health and wellness news, as well as the latest information from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield System. See the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association’s news updates, press releases and media resources. To start of our tutorials on how to apply for your Pag-Ibig Membership Identification Numbers, you are required to have your SSS Number and TIN Number ready.

After the page loads, scroll down at the bottom of the screen and you can see three (3) tabs. Registering  at the Branch for your Pag-IBIG Membership Identification Numbers which I really don’t recommend for you to do, honestly. Since you are trying to register and want to secure your Pag-Ibig Membership Identification Numbers, you should select Register as New Member  (Click the radio button to select your choice). Once you’re done with the captcha, you will now arrive at the first page of your Online Membership Registration Form for your Pag-Ibig Membership Identification Numbers.
The next information you’ll be filling up is your Gender, TIN Number, SSS ID Number and GSIS ID Number if available.
On the Address Tab of Pag-IBIG Membership Identification Numbers registration, supply your correct Address.
The next tab is only applicable to those members with Employment History, if you’re not ever been employed then you can skip this part. The BACK button, if you want to review everything what you have written before which I don’t suggest to use.
If you submit it you will be then receive a SMS message by Pag-ibig about your application and as confirmation that they have received your application for Pag-IBIG Membership Identification Numbers.
Whenever you want to see again your Pag-IBIG Membership Identification Numbers application, you should go directly here. The page will allow you to print your Pag-Ibig Member’s Data Form by pressing the Print MDF button. What you need to do now is to regularly check if you have been issued a Pag-Ibig Membership Identification Number. Unmasking the Taken for Granted Job Interview Question “Do You Have Any Questions?” How To Block Irrelevant Adsense Ads To Improve Your Websites Click Through Rate and Revenue!
Here is a brief overview of the many types of insurance your local Blue Cross and Blue Shield company may offer. It allows for members to select any healthcare provider but its benefits are maximized when using a participating Blue Cross and Blue Shield company. If you are a member, please look at your health plan documents for the definitions that govern your health plan benefits.
Whether buying age restricted merchandise, such as alcohol, or claiming your identity for official purposes, such as a marriage license, loan application, or for a notary public, IdentityX provides the option to go beyond simply checking the picture and can require the card’s owner to authenticate using their phone, their PIN, and their biometrics.IdentityX also makes existing ID cards more secure by eliminating any reason to counterfeit a card.
The first page of your Pag-Ibig Membership Identification registration page includes basic information about you. Enter (if available) your Home Telephone Number, Office Telephone number and the most important, your Mobile phone number. In this tab, you are about to classify yourself whether you are an Employed under Private or Government Company or a Private Household, Self Employed, an OFW, Individual Payor or not yet Employed. You’re done, after clicking the Submit Registration button, you will be led to this page. If you are already a member, your old Pag-IBIG number will be overwritten by the new Pag-IBIG MID number.
If the FSA meets rules under the Internal Revenue Code, contributions are not subject to federal income taxes or employment taxes.
Services (except emergency care) performed by out-of-network providers aren’t covered except under specific circumstances.

The money contributed to your HSA belongs to you and can be used to cover eligible current or future medical expenses.
I, myself had completed securing all the required Membership including SSS, Philhealth and Pag-Ibig.
Did you know that years ago, Pag-Ibig allows every employee to just use ther SSS Number for their Pag-Ibig Remittances. Fill up the required fields such as your complete name (First, Middle and Last names) and the name of your Mother and Father.
I believed that as long as it’s in the same city and correctly entered your address, everything is fine.
Once you select one, the page will automatically load information that you need to fill up. Two days after I screen shot that image (which is my actual and real MDF form) I checked my registration and saw that the Pag-Ibig MID No.
However, if that card is registered through IdentityX, then when the card is presented a request is made to the card owner’s registered phone. But this year, pag Ibig requires every one to have their own Pag-Ibig Membership Identification Number. The information required is all about your Employment Information which you can easily fill up.
Click next for the final and last step of Pag-IBIG Membership Identification Numbers application.
It just states that your Pag-IBIG Membership Identification Numbers Application is successful.  If you have available printer, you can print it. That means anytime soon, you’ll be receiving your Pag-Ibig Membership identification Number. For a completely forged card, there will be no registered IdentityX record, and the card will be denied.
Starting July 1, 2012, Pag-IBIG will only use Pag-IBIG Membership Identification (MID) numbers as basis for membership contributions. I have also provided in this blog screenshot images for your references in case you’re lost. Click Next at the bottom to continue your Pag-IBIG Membership Identification Numbers registration.
On the bottom of the page, (Preferred Mailing Address ) check where you want any mails to be delivered. Anyway, If you’re unmarried you can simply enroll your closest family member which can be your Parents and Siblings.
All employees, therefore, must register for and acquire an Pag-IBIG Membership ID number to ensure that the contributions are properly remitted to and recorded with the Pag-IBIG Fund. After your selections, click OK button and it will automatically populate the require field in you address.
Enter your Registration Tracking Number, your First name and Last Name and the Captcha below and click Proceed.

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