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In an interview with Michael Arrington at TechCrunch Disrupt, Google's VP of product management Marissa Mayer discussed mobile, maps, investments, her cell phone number, and more.
Mayer said that Google Maps for mobile has just passed 200 million installs, with mobile use of the service accounting for 40 percent of all Maps use.
Arrington was keen to get Mayer to name what percentage of total searches are conducted via mobile devices, a number Google has not yet disclosed. Mayer, who is an investor in mobile payments startup Square and private sales site One Kings Lane, also talked about her passion for investing. One of the sticking points with the otherwise highly convenient Google Voice service has been that you had a choose a new number to use with the service.
Luckily that changes today, with tonight's Google announcement that you can now use Google Voice with an existing phone number. Now when you first sign up for Google Voice you can choose between using your own number or choosing a new Google number.
Unfortunately it's not a full number port, and you won't get all of the Google Voice features when using your own number — at least not yet. This should make it much easier for people searching for a business website so they can get the phone number.  And considering how difficult some companies make it to find an actual phone number for customer service, this feature will be quite handy.
Google does also display the phone number for the same search query in Google, but it is shown in the company knowledge graph on the right side.
The phone number showing in the search result listing in Bing seems to be a limited test, as it was not appearing in all browser tests.

She regularly speaks at Pubcon, SMX, ClickZ and more, and has been presenting at conferences for over a decade.
Here you can find contact details about your appealed search including phone number, maps and address of Google Mumbai Office for getting help from helpline. Google is one of the most popular public online multinational corporation operating internet services and products. Hello tony, janet, and eloy; I have received the same message and I have gone through with some of the steps to do after. After telling the crowd both her work and personal emails, he asked if she'd give the crowd her cell phone number.
If you had an existing number that everyone already knew and wanted to switch over, you were pretty much out of luck. Also notably, you can now add Google voicemail service to any of the mobile numbers linked to your account. You still get many of Google Voice's features when using your own number, including the Google voicemail feature you can now add to linked phones. But especially if you have an older phone that doesn't already have a nice visual voicemail interface, the Google voicemail feature alone might be reason enough to switch. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
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These services include the most-common web search engine Google Search and electronic mail service Gmail.
The organizations, companies, corporations or enterprises also includes the airline services. The company also says it plans to roll out a full service compatible with your existing number, including other great features of Voice like conference calling, call screening, and listening into calls before deciding to pick up.
Moreover, Google has gained its importance through its social networking website Google Plus. And OH THE ONLY WAY I CAN RECIEVE THE MONEY IS IF I PAY MONEY… I dont know if that sounds too goo. It's fast, easy, and free to send money directly from your debit card, bank account, or Wallet Balance.Easily split your expensesSplit bills or other expenses with your friends and quickly request the amount each person owes. Arrington followed up by asking if she'd rather he tweet out her cell phone number, or if she'd prefer to reveal the mobile search figure.
Another usage of Google is preferred advertising network Google Adwords in which advertisers publicize their ad for promotion benefits and other reasons.
And the prize money is US dollars of $500,000.00 Sound to good to be true, but im skeptical.

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