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I get approached by many web or mobile application owners who want to use CityGrid places to enhance their existing content.
Per the CityGrid API usage requirements, publishers aren’t allowed to store CityGrid places data, and really you don’t want to–with the constant changing and volume of data, developers really want to make live API calls to get the best quality data.
The CityGrid Places Detail Search lets you search for business just by providing a phone number.
As data in the CityGrid network changes, including ID’s, you will always be able to link your sites or applications business listings with the rich places data available via CityGrid, with just the business phone number.

All you have to provide is the phone number minus and dashes, spaces or other special characters, the client IP address and your publisher code. It’s a pretty quick and dirty way to do a search for a business if you don’t know the location. Sign up to the Platform Announcements Google group to receive important updates and announcements from the API team. So on every one of your places, all you need to link up with CityGrid places is the phone number.

No need to store ID’s locally, the business phone number becomes the unique identifier in the system. We‘re on the left side of the street, just past the “tiger striped” water tank, across from the Los Lunas High School Soccer Field.

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