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On February 29th, 2016 we first noticed business phone numbers showing up under Google search results. As more business owners see this, they will be sure to search Google for ways to get their phone number to show up in Google Search.
Like most phone numbers on an iPhone, users can click this number and the iPhone will ask if the user wants to call this number. This is going to bring about a number of questions related to SEO, ranking in search and how to optimize.

Over the next few weeks we are going to dive deeper into this integration and explain how it can help your business get more customers, patients or clients. Even more unusual is the fact that this search result was close to the bottom of page one meaning it is not one of the best search results for the “St. With Google owning Android we would imagine this is something that has already rolled out on Android smartphones.
How can your law firm, mortgage brokerage or orthodontist office get the phone number to show up in search?

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