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Imagine a 6’1 225 pound black man rolling around on the floor, yelling in agony, knocking things over, and looking as if his antics were heavily influenced by a black director that shall remain nameless. When I say my phone was in the other room or that I had it on silent, I’m telling the truth. If I do call you or pick up right away because I know your feelings will be hurt otherwise, appreciate it. Just as I like someone that can inspire me to be better, I like someone that can inspire me to press the green button, smile, and not feel as if I’m pacing around my apartment trying to figure out how to entertain you. Is it important that you have phone conversations with a significant other daily even if you’ve chatted via other mediums throughout the day? The problem is that today many of us who still prefer phone calls for the very reasons you have stated are still forced to text or use other media if we want to continue a relationship with someone. Not too long ago, I'd look forward to seeing my phone ring, regardless of who the person was calling.
Now, the only people I pick up the phone for are people I feel like talking to at the moment. I agree with what you're saying and I used to live for getting on the phone for some good times, good talks and catching up. I really think that the evolution of the cell phone, the high cost of minutes and talking on the phone and unlimited texting as a way around extra fees is what has gotten our society to where it is right now.
I haaaaaaaate it and have strict rules about when I will and will not accept phone calls and how long said calls can last. However, because so many of my most favourite people in life live in another country, I have had to learn to embrace the phone.
I'm all for good communication but nowadays you spoiled brats have made it more complicated than it should be. I have no problems with getting a call during the day but I recently discovered that I would have to really dig the person making the call. Old school over here – especially with my old azz replacement phone (aka Crocket and Tubbs). These days my girls who are still out there keep telling me that guys press them out about phone pics. Wishing you continued blessings and comfort and foot massages, and midnight ice cream runs, and back rubs, and help tying your shoes, lol. I think this is one of the main reasons people feel some kind of way with those who don't like putting in phone time because they feel they are not getting our undivided attention. Sometimes, I feel like a lot of this technology is reverting us back to childhood, where it was easier to write a note to your friend, or potential SO, than it was to actually have a conversation with them. I ignore phone calls more often then I answer cuz I know who's calling to talk bout nothin. It is nice to hear your boo's or the person your courting before you go to bed, makes for nice*wet* dreams. When I get home I communicate with my family so aside from a mandatory bff quick conversation, I am not eager to talk on the phone. Looking into person’s eyes, body language, and all the other things that come with face-to-face interaction is important if you want to truly be intimate and understand a person.
Maybe I never made a full transition from the awkward phone stage in high school where you had to think of what to say next, wait on the phone in silence while you both watch TV, etc. You never know what does it for them…which is why we gotta stop acting all brand new like the men are running out and we gotta fit some mold to be wifed, someone likes us just exactly the way we are. Also I think communicating primarily through text leads to a lot of arguments because you never know the tone in which something is said.

Imagine this same black man getting up off the floor only to fall back down and clutch his chest like Fred G.
After a long day of work, entertaining, and mulling over an assortment of daily life tasks, the last thing I usually wanna do when I get home is talk on the phone.
I’ll call you to say I’m thinking of you or right before I go to sleep, but do we really need to sit here and have the same conversation we had earlier? It’ll be much more productive if we set this up electronically rather than you setting me up for failure. I find that I can spend the whole day not talking to anyone and STILL get upset when my phone rings later on that evening. I wrote a post about hating to text, but once we've confirmed everything and given out the sweet declarations, what else is there to text about? There comes a point in time with some friends where I KNOW what they mean when the say certain things; however, this is not the case when it comes to forming new relationships. During the day I talk to people on the phone all day so I really don't want to talk to family or friends when I get home. I notice that my whole family is like that though because we share 1400 minutes a month and never use them but we text like crazy. The people in my life that I can't see without a plane ride are eligible for long and frequent calls.
My personal experience in the past was that men who continually avoided calling for texts were shady. Than after I bark she gets to shy to tell you why she called so she just pretends like she had a reason. If you are doing most of this via technology…you really are NOT getting to know that person. On top of all that, my voice is a bit bass-y and raspy which I think its weird for a woman.
You get to hear voices, see facial reactions, and get the closest sense to actually being next to a person.
I hate talking on the phone, mostly because of technological advances making it unnecessary, but also because (unlike most people), I don't like to hear the sound of my own voice.
If I didnt feel like talking I would still answer my SO and let them know I just needed to chill for a second. You know the type… She calls and if I do not answer she will call me 3 more times within 15 minutes. I guess I just appreciate real interaction and if you only text me you are getting put at the bottom of the list, easy. The only exception to these ill feelings is when I’m in a long distance relationship or I have some really good news to share. How bout we make plans, confirm them on BBM, and then I’ll call you when I’m on the way and there? Is it important that you have phone conversations with a significant other daily even if you’ve chatted via other mediums throughout the day?
If I really wanna chat with ppl I webcam them, if not hit me on the aim, gchat, bbm or email. I do think people, especially my age group, have fallen out of touch of courtship via telephone and in person.
The only time I pick up the phone is when it's too much to text and then I just usually send an email directly to the BB or Droid of choice. But when Him was in my life…that phone was implanted into my skin because he liked the phone and I liked Him and he always had good convo and nasty, nasty, dirty talk.

Now if you have something to tell me I'm literally all ears and will give responses when necessary.
Considering that my work days mesh together and are only highlighted buy computer illiterate Boomers who need to retire, I usually gave her some groaning answer and hope she never asked it again.
If you meet a girl first in person and know what she looks like, why are you asking for pics like 20 minutes after you part ways?
I am a reader of faces and body language and that is impossible to do over the phone via text, etc. Human interactions are awesome… but if only one person wants to interacts you are ruining it.
I had just gone off on this on Twitter on Sunday bout my mom calling me 11 times, leaving me 11 voice mails all saying the exact same thing in a 3 hour time span.
I really have to make the decision of if this conversation is really adding anything to me or my knowledge.
Honestly, there was a point where I didn’t mind sitting and yapping away for hours on end. I have been in contact all day and I have no want to come home, try to relax and now have to sit on the phone. Plus with today… people need to multitask and phone conversations take away that ablility. I think the phone should still be utilized thought to hear someones voice and get a more personal aspect. Am I not coming over after this show goes off so I can turn you into the little spoon or a human pretzel?
Why do I feel the need to push buttons on my phone till my fingers bleed and my eyes sting from looking at a screen?
I know how your day has been because you have been texting me all day telling me about, so I do not need to rehash everything again during the last few hours of my day.
Back in the stone age when I was on the market men would try to mack on the sneak tip with the text messages.
Now granted there are some longer stories that I'd love to have over the phone but most of the trivial things can most certainly be taken care of by fingers. And as you can probably imagine, my resistance to talking on the phone has impacted my relationships or lack thereof. When a guy is interested he will pick up the phone or hit that call bottom on skype, it might not happen every time but it will happen some times and its more meaningful. You aren’t the only one that called when I had my phone wrapped in 3 towels and tucked into a suitcase full of socks.
If we getting to know each other, we dont have to spend hours on the phone but it would be nice to do more than text here and there. No communication on Saturday until the afternoon (because they were shopping with their girl and kids during the dang day). Otherwise, I want to be able to express myself in the fullest way possible outside of face-2-face contact, and that is usually through the phone.
Nowadays it's more of a technology thing, but my old azz still associates call avoidance with shade. My beleif is technology is seperating the human emotion and spirit, therefore making us isolated.

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