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With Sports tracker app for iPhone, you can turn your mobile into a social sports computer with Sports Tracker.
With millions of downloads since 2007 and users from more than 200 countries, Sports Tracker is the social sports tracking application and service that started it all.
Sports Tracker is the most powerful social sports tracking solution available for the iPhone. Blogs & forums have been talking about it A LOT and it does not come as a surprise, it works great!
Enter a phone number, the application will use satellites to locate your victim with top precision until it explicitly gives you the address of the phone.
You don't want Steve Jobs come back at you and say "i told you" but the iPhone is a lean, mean machine of developing all sort of apps like the Swine Flu Tracker.

Swine Flu Tracker show the current Threat Lever for the disease and a map with confirmed and suspected cases. This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true cellphone tracking functionality. Trail Tracker is an easy-to-use GPS enabled app that makes it easier for Toyota FJ, 4Runner, and Tacoma off-roaders to share their favorite trails.
Track and analyze your performance, share workout data and photos with your friends, and most of all – get fit and stay healthier.
IntuApps better their best for common public and will be releasing the Swine Flu App for free when Apple does its thing and make it available on the App Store.
There is also "a symptoms area to inform people, and an alert page for breaking news on Swine Flu".

TOYOTA is used in the title of this website solely to identify the subject of interest to the website. Or you can follow, connect with and learn about other Trail Tracker users from all over the country. Text messages cell phone spy software ifa movie review in to mobiata’s flight tracking.

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