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All information should be verified by the recipient and none is guaranteed as accurate by ARMLS. Lack of knowledge sharing among call center personnel, inefficient training of new call center personnel, too high call resolution times among call center personnel, more and more technically complex products and processes, and desire to offer more self-service options to reduce high call volumes to call center. Enables Oordeoo to generate a 33% reduction in Cost Per Call, increase First Call Resolution to 70%, and to create an overall 20-30% call reduction due to the added self-service.
The Ooredoo Group is a leading international communications company, with a significant presence in the MENA region and Southeast Asia, and having a consolidated customer base of 83 million as of Decem- ber 2011.
The Ooredoo Group’s principle activities are mobile telephone services, broadband solutions, digital futures and fibre technologies, serving both consumer and business markets. The Call Center information is currently handled in the traditional way, where hardcopy manuals, personal information and training docu- ments are the main source for information. Ooredoo would like to resolve these problems, reduce costs and increase customers’ satisfaction through the new Knowledge Base solution. To meet these challenges, Ooredoo has been looking for new knowledge management systems that can be used for both internal Call Center process optimization and external self-service towards subscribers. It was crucial of course that Dezide is able to provide its application in both Arabic and English with transparent switching between the two languages.
Another crucial factor was Dezide’s ability to provide a search engine with good performance in the Arabic language. The intelligent guide gives the user a “single-point of entry” for each problem category where the customer can start out with a sequence of simple questions to be guided to the required help.
The agent will then use the knowledge base in Dezide’s Agent por- tal to help solve the problem for the customer. All telemetry data from the agents using the troubleshooting guides is stored on the server and is used for improving the quality of the models.

The conceptual overview of the call center agent’s window below can be closely followed by the Advisor Portal view. The Dezide search engine will search in all areas regardless of the category being displayed at the moment of search. The conceptual process for the online Troubleshooter based on Dezide Advisor is illustrated below. Big view lot in Yonahlossee, has the 60 mile Northern facing view, with a Southwest facing exposure for the front of the house at the proposed homesite. The information from this search is provided by the High 'Country Multiple Listing Service.
Dezide participated with technical integration, customization and development of knowledge base. It operates a portfolio of brands including Oordeoo, Indosat, Asiacell, Wataniya, Nawras, Nedjma and Tunisiana.
Headquartered in Doha, Qatar, the Ooredoo Group is ambitiously growing its global business on the basis of its insights into the needs of customers in emerging markets. This constitutes significant operational challenges to ensure high consist- ency, quality and availability of service in an environment where pro- ducts and processes are becoming increasingly complex. Ooredoo has particularly been looking for a “leading edge” knowledge management solution to produce an image rise for Ooredoo among the subscribers, and long-term increase customer trust and loyalty. There is only a single copy of the knowledge base that is maintained, however, it can be accessed in both the languages.
Dezide provides a highly scalable search engine that can handle language stemming, synonyms, spelling mistakes, etc. Dezide provides an online self care portal that permits the customer to search for help and be guided to help for different problems.

If the problem is not solved, the agent creates a complaint, by escalating the session to Remedy. As seen in the figure, the sup- port agent has the option of breaking the sequence proposed by the troubleshooter by forcing any question or action to pop up in the trou- bleshooting session at any time. Please be aware that not all listings produced from this search will be of this real estate company. Ooredoo Group’s ultimate parent company shares are listed on the Qatar Exchange and the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange. This portal may also be accessed by call center staff through special “ex- pert mode” interfaces to give them additional overview and control. The system will then retrieve basic user information about the calling customer based on the caller ID (the customer’s phone number). The agent portal automatically sends all the information from the troubleshooting session within the ticket to Remedy, so all information is easily viewable in Remedy.
Tile in all of the right places, with a formal living and dining room and spacious family room with fireplace that opens to the kitchen and the large back covered patio. Oordeoo will be positioned as a leader in the Middle-East with respect to customer service (& self-service).
For call center staff, the knowledge base will ensure higher first time resolution rates, increase knowledge transfer among agents, mini- mize escalation of issues from 1st line to 2nd line, reduce training cost for new agents, and provide an overall increase in support staff efficiency.
Enjoy short range views of pastures and neighboring hills, and long range views all the way to TN.

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