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This handy little book offers programmers a complete overview of the syntax and semantics of regular expressions that are at the heart of every text-processing application. This concise and easy-to-use reference puts a very powerful tool for manipulating text and data right at your fingertips. With plenty of examples and other resources, Regular Expression Pocket Reference summarizes the complex rules for performing this critical text-processing function, and presents this often-confusing topic in a friendly and well-organized format. Often, we need to prove regexes with an online tool or test them on different Regex engines. Pagecolumn’s online fully-functional tool tests regexes both in PHP and JavaScript (neighbor link). A fully-functional online tool, it provides a handy RegExp snippet sidebar with descriptions, usage examples and community regexes to make it easier to learn regexes. The Debuggex is the online Regex testing tool that allows visualization of Regex match algorithms.

I have a file which contains 100+ regular expressions and I want to get the output or possibilities of those regular expressions. Composed of a mixture of symbols and text, regular expressions can be an outlet for creativity, for brilliant programming, and for the elegant solution. The regex tester will highlight your regex pattern, detect errors and display detailed match information on the fly. One can select different JavaScript methods – exec, test, match, replace, split and its customized method, submatch. It uses the JavaScript engine for testing and it is also good for instant regex pattern match by real time highlighting matches.
As a PHP tester, it supports both POSIX and PRCE, outworking with immediate PHP code generation. The JavaScript code is generated in real time, too.
Shortcomings are the lack of named group functionality and only limited flags (regex pattern modifiers) are possibile to use.

Yet the more complicated regex is the more possibilities it may match to, having exponential increase. Another feature is the benchmark scoping the code performance (iterations done per second).
Verifies geolocation information and allows sending notifications to internal Haas SAP systems using a machine`s Serial Number.

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