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Since September 2004 Deutsche Telekom directory enquiries (dial 11833) has been providing a reverse lookup service (See: Inverssuche Telefonauskunft). All Deutsche Telekom customers should receive, or have received, a letter informing them of this change. Phonebook ProfessionalEasily search for a professional in your town [or department] with the phone 118 218. If you know only a telephone number you are able to discover the name and address of its owner.

This letter might take the form of very small text printed on the back of the ordinary telephone bill.
If you are concerned about protecting your personal data make sure you read this letter carefully.
It's very simple, enter the name of a person, a city or a region and find the individual you are looking for.Reverse Phone DirectoryHow to find out who owns a phone number? Fortunately there is an opt out clause but unless you actively opt out your data will be published.

For years illegal software was available which decrypted and reverse indexed the Deutsche Telekom directory CDs.

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