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Google reverse image search is a feature that lets you find visually similar images, for the image you upload or give the URL of. If you are an art lover and you find a painting that you want to buy or you want to know about the artist of, you can just do a reverse image search on Google with the photograph of the painting. Sometimes we have some low resolution images for which we need to get high resolution prints. If you create images for personal or commercial use, you can track where your own images are being used. Sometimes we find images on social networking sites or some other websites that are watermarked.
So you have found someone on one of the social network, and you want to find all of their profiles on other networks too. If you don’t know how to do a reverse image search and you have still read the complete article, we will not let you search for another article to find out how you can do it. That’s it, you will get visually similar images once Google completes matching your image with the images in its database. Hemant Aggarwal writes this blog to help computer users with problems related to web services and getting the most out of their own websites.
There are millions of people using the internet today but, surprisingly very few know about Google reverse image search.
If you work with a lot of royalty free photos as I do, in some cases the locations or description of the photos are attached, but often times they are not.
If you’re looking for the original artist for a picture you find online then Google reverse image search is the perfect tool. Go to Google reverse image search click on the camera and you can choose (i) Paste image URL  or (ii) Upload an image,  then click search. How to enter an image URL – On any webpage, right-click an image and select the option to copy it. Alternatively, you can download a browser extension for Google Chrome or Firefox to search with any image on the web, simply by right-clicking on the image. Search by image works best when the content is likely to show up in other places on the web.

The results page – When you search by image, your results will look different from your normal images or web results page. Visually similar images – see a set of images that are close matches to the image that you searched with.
By using Google reverse image search you can find unauthorized copies of your photos all over the internet, including copies of those you use on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. I personally discovered someone using my photos for a fake Facebook personal profile by using Google reverse image search. Google reverse image search is also an excellent feature if you are trying to find the name of something or someone, whether  it’s the name of a band, a plant, a bird, or a weird-looking bug your kids brought home.
Team Building & Leadership Growth ~ The ability to grow and lead a team can be personally rewarding. When you become a leader, you transcend into the elite population of people who carry the titles of Creator, Leader and Influential. This entry was posted in All Categories, Social Media and tagged google reverse image search, how to use google reverse image, image search, search by image.
But this feature can do a lot of wonders for you, since finding similar images can have endless uses.
You can get some backlinks to your own website if someone is using your stuff without seeking prior permissions.
Just do a reverse image search with their profile picture, if you get multiple results, there are chances that the person has profiles on other social networks too. Now click on the camera icon in the search bar, then choose if you want to upload the image from your PC or you want to provide a URL of the source, if the image lives on the web. Search by image allows you to do a reverse image search and discover all sorts of content that’s related to a specific image. I use Google reverse image search to find the location or the original photographer as I like to give attribution for the shot. You should always give attribution for a picture when known, and by using Google reverse image you have an excellent chance of finding that original photographer.
You can upload an image from your PC, drag and drop an image, or you can choose to enter the URL.

Simply click on an image, hold down the mouse, and begin dragging it toward the search box.
After downloading your desired browser extension, you can change the extension setting so that the camera icon appears when you hover over an image. For this reason, you will likely get more relevant results for famous landmarks or paintings than you will for more personal images, like your favorite pet sleeping. The biggest difference is that your results can include non-image results like webpages that seem relevant to the image that you searched for. Since most of these use stock photos or random pictures from the internet, finding fake profiles is much easier with Google reverse image search. Having the opportunity to tap into the potential of others while you help bring out the best in them really does benefit you in ways that will take you to higher heights in your future. Using Google to do a reverse image search is one of the easiest ways to find unauthorized copies of your photos online.
If you are new to reverse image search, you can find the steps to do it at the end of the article. Just perform a reverse image search on Google and you will find all the information of it along with the places where you can buy it. You can perform a reverse image search with the lower resolution image, and Google will display all the visually similar images, and there’s a good probability that you will get the same images in higher resolutions. But, apparently this same person had several “identities” using photos he had found all over the internet. It also forces you to think like a leader, which will separate you from the mediocre population, which consists of nearly 97% of people in the world today.
The service has been around for a while, and is traditionally meant for people looking to find specific images online. For example, try searching a picture of your favorite band and see search results that might include similar images, webpages about the band, and even sites that include the same picture.

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