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In an interesting turn of events, a C&C used in the Carbanak targeted attack campaign now resolves to an IP linked to the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).
For those who are not familiar, Carbanak is a targeted attack campaign that hit banks and financial organizations earlier this year. Based on reports, it employed methods and techniques such as spear phishing email and exploits, commonly seen in targeted attacks. I checked for other interesting details in the other IOCs but didn’t find anything related to this particular anomaly. Dark Motives Online: Are Cybercriminals and Terrorist Organizations More Similar than We Think?

This interactive map shows how diverse the cybercriminal underground economy is, with different markets that are as unique as the country or region that it caters to.
A sophisticated scam has been targeting businesses that work with foreign partners, costing US victims $750M since 2013. New post: Dark Motives Online: Are Cybercriminals and Terrorist Organizations More Similar than We Think? Accordingly, attackers did intelligence gathering about their target networks in order to infiltrate it.

I still do not know why it happened; I do not really think that FSB Russia would point the Carbanak-related domain name to an IP address which is affiliated with Russian Federal Security Service.

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