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Just Input the unknown number and our application will explore the millions of records to provide you the best available details of caller.
We're back again with another fabulous set of games more than worthy of gracing your Android screen. It provides very high quality and fast PDF viewing especially in your Android Smartphones and tablets. On episode #90 of the podcast This Week in Virology, Vincent, Alan, Rich and Eric discuss identification of viruses in Northeastern American bats, vaccinia virus infection after sexual contact with a military vaccinee, and identification of a new flavivirus from an Old World bat in Bangladesh. Subscribe to TWiV (free) in iTunes , at the Zune Marketplace, by the RSS feed, or by email, or listen on your mobile device with Stitcher Radio. Above left and Center:  On public display at the Levittown Library exhibit on amateur radio.
This is my small flat bed utility trailer that I customized for Nassau County ARES as a rapid deployment antenna and aux power trailer.
Two more  rear mounted pivoting bases raise a pair of 25' antenna masts for a total of 3 masts.
The trailer also carries a 400AH SLA battery system operating at 36-48vdc into a 13.8VDC regulator with a constant 35 amp output. No guys need to touch the ground and it is strictly a one-man operation to set up and take down by remote control. There are 3  LED flood lights, 2 work lights, a 1,000,00 candle power marine flood, and power for multiple cell chargers and laptops. This utility trailer is a second best solution, but actually it makes a lot of sense for us because it provides a compact and portable source for height and power - which were two major shortcomings at shelter operations here during Sandy.
This trailer now gives us the ability to cover our 285 square mile county from any location and will provide much needed power, comms and news for Red Cross shelters or hard-hit areas.
To my good friends John Hlasny and John Wilson, KD2AKX, thank you for your terrific advice and assistance in building this worth while project. I then cut a plexi-glass sun roof wind deflector to co-ordinate with the car's countour and trim and to provide full cover. More info on this technique is shown further down.  My car is equipped with a full compliment of radios, SignaLink, TNC and HF auto-tuner. To gain altitude, I made a pivoting hitch-mounted 30' mast system for my car that never touches the ground.
I've seen some pricey trailer-hitch mounted pivoting mast support systems which require guying and ground stakes to support tall masts. I fox hunt and the KN2C DF2020T is generally regarded as a pretty good Doppler tool when used along with a quality receiver and an accurate signal strength meter. But a few of us think the DF2020T setup procedure is cumbersome, and depending on the weather, the 5 boxes can slide around on your car's roof, causing inconsistent performance, scratches, or even worse, hazardous flying objects.
Version 1 and 2 of this design helped me and my good friend John KD2AKX iron out the bugs in this final design. The Lexan & plexi watertight base and frame idea came together over a beer to solve the weather issue, and we decided to build final version 3 as the logical conclusion to the project. I made the frame for the 5 boxes in poplar 1x2, then faced the poplar with back-painted Lexan strips on the perimeter, capped the frame with a plexiglass base, and then sealed it with silcon at the seams.There are several small drain holes on the bottom of the plexi plate to allow moisture to escape. The leading edge of the plate rests just below 2 modified sunroof wind deflectors that I installed, so noise is kept to a minimum. When the antennas are detached, the 7 protective SO239 caps screw on, and you can hardly tell there's anything bizare on the roof. This was great collaborative project with KD2AKX and it also happens fits my wife's car perfectly. The Challenge: See how much radio stuff can actually fit into a Kia Rhondo without making any alterations to the car. The Solution: ~ Eject that pesky front seat passenger and substitute her mass for an equal volume of nice radio gear! The AutoDesk on the seat is a removeable mobile work center with power ports, inverter and file drawers, and is held in place with the seatbelt.
Kia compact shown with an Auto Desk, inverter, Yaesu FT-7900, FT-1900, FT-857D, ATAS, Laptop, LDG AutoTuner, 2m attenuator, scanner and a GPS. The power, transmitters and antenna switching is all built onto a custom slide-out tray under the passenger seat which is vented and fully concealed.
I made a Lexan plate to fit the contours of the center dash area and attached the radio heads, doppler controls, a L-pad and VU meter for volume control, an LDG RF signal strength meter and 120VAC volt meter.
There's also an Arrow 2m loop antenna and an i-Phone running FoxHunt for additional bearing detail.
During the Superstorm Sandy event, I was stationed at 3 locations for ARES in this little car. Above left, a Lexan module for 2m, 220 and a LDG tuner which is shown configured for my car. By example, this cube, shown above left, locks down into my SUV center console, is concealed from view, and slides out for other uses in my shack. Above, a completed cube makes a perfect fit and a clean installation when inserted into the center vented console, and it hides away nicely.
This flat, modular package mounts on a camera tripod, a desk stand, or locks tightly on my car's front passenger seat. The base plate has padded feet and this also anchors onto the front seat of my car by a steel reverse-tension mounting bracket I attach to the seat's steel slide tracks.

With a laptop, cellular hotspot, the FT857D, a TNC, SignaLink, auto-tuner and a D-Star dongle, this is is one very potent package and really simple to deploy in a sitting or standing position. I completed this project shortly before Sandy tore into the north east, bringing devastation, power failures, fuel shortages and a freak snow storm.
I designed most of our new house, and poured 12" steel re-enforced concrete cellar walls wrapped in a water proof membrane.
It makes a small but righteous man cave.  Now my wife just throws meat down the stairs at me.
Above right, shown running on back up power during Super Storm Sandy on the ARES and LIMARC repeaters which performed very well.
I used Heil booms and a foot switch for the mics, and components slip in and out for field use with Anderson Poles as needed. Connectivity to AT&T, FIOS and Vrz-4G gives us the ability to use any of 3 network services for wifi during power outages. Above right, the console rolls away from the wall for servicing the concealed wiring from the rear.
For this project, I replicated the method I used on my Catalina sailboat, which provided good independance from power sources.
This modular system incorporates 500AH of battery reserves before needing to switch on the 5.5 kw gas generator.
This jump-pack slides out of the console's base for field use, or travels with my portable ARES field gear.
The rolling battery cart, upper right, is my custom built UPS using 4) 100AH 12vdc SLA gel cells.
The package weighs almost 450 Lbs but rolls easily behind the console back wall, and it turns on automatically via the console controls shown below in the drawer.
The intent here was to make the console quickly isolated from the power grid and well-grounded. Shown above is the window-car adapter I banged together in a pinch during Sandy's long power outage and bad gasoline shortage. I made this motorized retractable mast system by rigging 10' masts sections with pullies and a counter weight for mechanical advantage. This is a good example of using your experience from another interest like sailing, into new applications for radio in an unexpected way. The popular developer has just announced that Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing will be the next ones to make their way into mobile.
This app not only tracks the caller information it also allows to block the number, even it helps to find out the exact location.
Suppose you want to share photo or contacts or any file, just open two bump apps in two phones and feel the amazing data transfer. You can also post articles that you would like us to discuss at and tag them with twiv. I got licensed in 2011 and have been working to complete a long To-Do list of projects and goals that I want to achieve with it. You might even see a solution here to kick start a project you've been thinking about tackling yourself.
The 3 masts carry 8 antennas with universal mounting bases for quick-change mounting options. It allows all the cables to connect to my SUV's roof antenna platform without directly passing thru the door jambs. But in our area, this is often not possible, since during ARES use, you may find yourself in a huge parking lot with little or no dirt access.
The other problem is that they aren't weather-proof and are not well grounded internally.
These included lousy internal grounds, rickety BNC connectors, water leaks, scratchy magnets and nasty wind noise. 5 are for the KN2C boxes and 2 are used for an Arrow loop attenuator and a scanner, which do not interfere with the Doppler array because of the way I run their antennas during fox hunts. The 4 mounting holes on the plate will also mate with 4 big magnets for use on any other vehicle. I cut off the KN2C's RG45 connectors and installed 2 pairs of 6-conductor trailer connectors, because of their weather proof attributes. Wind and water are diverted around the face because of the matching radius formed into the plexi with a heat gun. The KN2C Doppler System then integrates thru a dedicated GPS module into the laptop using NAVI-2020 software and Google Earth via a mobile 4G Hotspot service.
As bearings accumulate, they intersect, and these areas are easily detailed on Google Earth, right down to street view.
This mobile Electrical Station became a regular meeting and gathering spot for our neighbors and for people at shelters.
This cube measures 1 cubic foot and has 2 stainless grab handles on top that also hold a clip board. Because Anderson Poles make radio gear so universal, I decided to make the cube housings also configurable by inserting different component combinations. The unit holds a SEC power supply, the FT857D, LDG meter, Signalink and a TNC slides in above the power supply. Shown above is the framing and component layout, with the surge strip, laptop power supply, cell charger and speakers built-in.

Made primarily as a couch-side living room TV watching companion rig, it also works well for satellite comms on the tripod. I then dry-locked the interior, bolted and famed out the basement in 6x10 Trilam and 2x8's with multiple hurricane straps. It's equipped with AC, a sink, fridge, pumps, the utilities, storage space,and a small but very complete work shop. It has air vents, a dedicated SEC power supply, a second 35w amp with HT ports and an audio EQ system.
I configured the shack on the LAN and it also runs HRD & CommCat concurrently with other applications like SDR, EchoLink, ARTE, CQ100 and digital.
It includes its own SEC power supply, USB Signalink, Heil mic, foot switch and a Bencher paddle. Another 100AH pack runs the motorized retractable antenna system on the side of our home, detalied below. This panel's job is to automatically transfer power from line voltage to batteries and inverter during a power failure. The Kia Rhondo will idle for days on a tank of gas, and is far more efficient and quiet than running the generator and hauling fuel for simple charging and lights This window adapter allowed my Kia's alternator to re-charge the battery packs and run some lights in the house for 5 days, so it was a terrific solution for us. Adobe Reader provides high quality, fast PDF viewing and interaction for your Android smartphones and tablet.
I quickly discovered that the amount of information to absorb in the many aspects of Amateur Radio is daunting, but tackling it has been made a bit smoother by bringing over some skills I've picked up in other interests and persuits. These pass into a plastic junction box on the roof and are routed to the antennas from the antenna array tray on the roof rack. My trailer hitch-mount design uses a free floating reverse tension guying system based on a sailboat mast, also known as a Marconi Rig, for the way that Marconi utilized this mast design for his own use. Marconi liked the rig for it's strength and simplicity, and so it was nick named after him.
When walked up to the vertical, the rig distibutes the load evenly so that the mast does not bend.
I added a dual-axis level so I can find a reasonably level parking spot before setting up the mast. While moving, I have a black jpeg photo taking up the full laptop screen so I don't get locked up for driving while distracted. EMS and Red Cross charged their 800MHz HT's in my car when they had no power in the shelters.
I made this cabinet from oak and aluminum, and the completed package weighs about 12 pounds. For instance, the 220mHz radio slides out, and a FT-7900 can slide in, or the scanner, etc. The console relay switches select AC or DC power and audio sources for the speaker-headphone jack combinations. The PC's provide 5 VOIP methods and the console contains a complete emergency power system onboard. These battery packs plug into any vehicle now thru an interface on the house next to the driveway, shown below, using the car's alternator and charging circuit.
For safety, and when de-energized, Bertha instantly shunts all the antenna coax center conductors to ground. A coax connection was added so I could use my rigs in the house, and there are ports connected thru the car's antennas and 2m 35w amp.
The rig delivers smooth lifting to 30' AGL using a motor by remote control in the console. It's not too obtrusive when the window is closed, and the car door still opens normally. Be very careful with your cable routing inside because the door side pillar may have an airbag in it. The rigging consists of triangular pairs of overlapping shrouds, separated by struts, or spreaders, which provide reverse tension and distribute torsion and loads evenly. Two backstays connect to the 48" whisker poles, and the forward stay snaps onto to a tow point under the front bumper.
Folks were able to make calls, charge their phones, check email and get news from my car's wifi and 120vac inverter power system and through my Bertha portable power system (see down below).
The cell cradleholds and charges both an i-Phone 5 and a S4 Samsung that double as 4G hotspots. The AC wiring, Coax, ethernet and audio cabling pass through access ports in the hidden stair wall behind the console.
They are wired into a pull-out drawer and mounted on a Lexan panel that contains all 3 phone-PC interfaces plus the Nook charger and power suppressor.
One of the battery packs is shown, above center, and contains a 675 CCA deep cycle marine battery delivering 105AH, a 1,250w inverter and a smart charger, LED flood lights, USB ports, DC ports and 120vac receptacles.
Shown here carrying a MFJ 1776 vertical dipole, the whole antenna tucks down below the house ridge when fully lowered during storms. I run the B&N Nook on cm7 Android for EchoLink, Skype, maps and all of the equipment manuals and schematics are on it for reference.

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