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What You Can Find At Free Address Lookup Address Search and People Search SiteWe are busily adding to email search information for address searches and people finders, check back if you don't find what you need right away or contact us and we'll do it now then let you know where to find it.
Tips For Alternate Sources County Jail Inmate SearchWe want to show people how to find an address by using public records and other information sources like prison and county jail inmate search.
This site is a part of the Str82u Network, which includes several search site themes.Why so many sites? Here are a few ideas to try.Prison and jail inmate roster sites show all kinds of information, including the sentence, date of arrest, release date and yes, even a current address.

It will at least tell you where to try to find a person, even prison pen pals can be a good source.Court and Criminal RecordsChoose the state you want to check from the list on the left. Legal documents often give away more than we'd like, like a traffic ticket or police report can give address, phone numbers and social security number, and most states don't have great limits on what can be included in public records when crimes are involved. First, if a person owns a business, chances are they got thier name in some local business directory or chamber of commerce.
Second, like court sites, local police keep arrest report logs about any activity of consequence.

Finally, be creative, don't search one or two words at a time, and use search engines to search by name. Newspapers print stories online and if your long lost uncle wins the lottery, there is sure to be a mention on the internet along with some way to track them him down.

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