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Pinterest is definitely the best photo sharing website in the world, anybody could search through the cool photos pinned by others. On DeviantART, you can find and download over 200 million cool pictures created by over 20 million artists and art appreciators.
Google Images lets you search images, icons, human faces, clip art and line drawings on the entire Internet by keywords, or find the source of an image by uploading it or specifying its URL.
Stagram provides you the ability to search Instagram photos on any computer or mobile phone for free. Iconfinder is a free icon search engine which lets you find and download cool icons for free, you can find more icon search engines here: Top 15 Sites To Find And Download Free Cool Icons.
To download free stock images, please navigate to this post: Top 25 Websites To Find Free Stock Images In High Resolution.
Yandex is the largest search portal in Russia, Yandex Images is an wonderful alternative to Google Images.

Imgur is a photo hosting and sharing site with over 2,000,000 images uploaded, it allows to upload images and share them on other websites, message boards or forums without registration.
Bing Images will suggest related topics according to your search criteria, for example, if you search for the images of lobster, it will suggest the following seafoods for you: Crab, Crawfish, Shrimp, American Lobster, Octopus, Prawn, Squid, King Crab, Jellyfish, Shark, Spider, Sea Urchin, Turtle, Snail, Scallop, Dolphin, Lion, Oyster, Fish, Salmon.
This Pinterest like site lets you create your own photo gallery, collect and share your favorite pictures. TinEye is a reverse image search application, it’s also available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera. Ixquick is a private search engine, it will not collect and store any personal information( IP address, browser type, platform information, etc. Dreamstime lets you download high resolution royalty-free images, use and modifiy them for web designs, advertisements, Powerpoint presentations, book covers and pages and CD covers.
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If you upgrade to pro account( $24.95 per year ), you will have unmetered bandwidth, plus, Photobucket will preserve the content and name of your images, making it easy to manage your photos or tranfer them to other image hosting site.
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