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June 17, 2014 by Russ White In our last episode, we discussed how DNS is paid for in the real world — who builds, maintains, and manages all those servers that allow us to put in a domain name, and end up with a web page?
Whois is actually a completely separate protocol and database maintained by the same folks who manage and maintain the DNS system — folks like Verisign. About Russ WhiteRuss White has scribbled a basket of books, penned a plethora of patents, written a raft of RFCs, taught a trencher of classes, nibbled and noodled at a lot of networks, and done a lot of other stuff you either already know about — or don't really care about. Nyomtatok, fenymasolok, multifunkcionalis keszulekek,monitorok, faxok teljes koru javitasa, karbantartasa. Com'è possibile stabilire quanti e quali siti sono intestati alla stessa persona o società? This post will look at two other tools or protocols in the DNS system that you might — or you might not — know about. The IP address is roughly hierarchical, with the bits describing larger sections of the topology on the left, and smaller pieces of the topology on the right (network to host flows left to right). The point of whois is to maintain a list of the folks who actually own each DNS name, including contact information.

Now, to be honest, there’s a lot of information in that whois record that should make you uncomfortable — especially if you own a domain personally. You can find Russ at 'net Work, the Internet Protocol Journal, LinkedIn, and his author page on Amazon.
Come trovare i siti che sono ospitati sullo stesso server?Innanzi tutto, va premesso che si chiama WHOIS quell'operazione con cui è possibile accertare le informazioni relative all'intestatario di un dominio. None of this will be covered in extensive detail, but I will provide pointers for topics about which you want to know more.
What’s interesting is that the DNS system flows backwards from this — the TLD is on the right, and the host or service is on the left. These reverse records are contained in the zone, or name space, in the DNS system. We’ll consider some of the security stuff around DNS, including DDoS protection services based on DNS redirection, encryption of whois data, and DNSSEC, in our next post — the final post on the DNS system in this series.
Ugyviteltechnikai muszeresz vegzettseggel, 10 eves szakmai tapasztalattal a hatunk mogott elsosorban irodatechnikai eszkozok javitasaval, karbantartasaval foglalkozunk, valamint ezekhez kapcsolodo festekkazettak tolteset, felujitasat vegezzuk.

This observation leads to another: the entire IP address space can be treated as a DNS name if we just reverse the lookup. A fair start (sans problems with spoofing, of course) would be to look at the record to find the associated domain. Emellett foglalkozunk monitorok, tapegysegek, elektronikai eszkozok javitasaval is.Celunk, hogy minosegi szolgaltatast nyujtsunk mindenki szamara elerheto aron.
In other words, if we treat the first octet of the IP address as the TLD, and the last octet as the host or service, then we could look up IP addresses using DNS. Once you have the associated domain, of course, you can rely on a second piece of the DNS system to help you find out more information: whois.
Amennyiben a hibafelmeres soran kiderul, hogy a keszuleket nem lehet megjavitani, bevizsgalasi dijat nem szamitunk fel.Bizunk benne, hogy nemsokara Ont is ugyfeleink kozott udvozololhetjuk!

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