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Recently, reports revealed that the lock screen feature of the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 smartphone has a security flaw. Initial reports insisted that the lock screen could be side-stepped briefly; however, later it was revealed that the vulnerability is complete and lets hackers break into the lock screen of the Galaxy S3.
Shortly after Eden disclosed the security vulnerability on the Galaxy Note 2, another smartphone enthusiast, Sean McMillian, posted on the Full Disclosure mailing list the steps to bypass the lock screen for the Galaxy S3. Step 6: If your device is vulnerable, tapping on the widget would prompt it into action without the Galaxy Note 2 being unlocked screen. Step 5: If your device is vulnerable, pressing the power button again will bring you to the S3's home screen.
According to McMillan, this method may sometimes take a few tries to work and is not successful every time. The Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 and Phone 5 are some of the most popular smartphones on the market, offering distinct screen sizes and features on all the major U.S. Here we compare the iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 in terms of size and display, and cover some of the reasons why users may want to pick each phone.
Users will notices the massive display on the Galaxy Note 2, which dwarfs the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5, but remains pocketable for many users. The three smartphone displays compare favorably in terms of resolution and pixel-per-inch (PPI). The Galaxy Note 2 is larger and heavier than the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5, but still fits in a pocket and makes good use of the size. The iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 on top of each-other, showing the thickness of each device. The iPhone 5 features a solid unibody style design with aluminum and glass that helps it stand out when compared to the plastic Samsung uses on the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3. One upside to the plastic back of the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 is the ability to pop it off and switch in a second or extended battery. The Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 feature removable backs that offer access to a battery and a expandable storage.
Das Samsung Galaxy Note 4 eroffnet mit dem Quad-Core-Prozessor Snapdragon 805 von Qualcomm ein neues mobiles Leistungsniveau.
Zunachst fallt die Verarbeitungsqualitat des Note 4 mit einem Metallrahmen etwas besser aus als beim Vorganger. Pretty much exactly one year has passed since the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Note II, thus it is about time the successor to Samsung's large-screen flagship line hit the market. Overall, no huge surprises here - at least not if one has touched a Galaxy-branded smartphone before.ConnectivityThe overall concept of the Galaxy Note 3 stays close to that of other Samsung Galaxy variants. Apart from the usual power button and volume rocker, the Note 3 also comes equipped with an S-Pen slot at the bottom of the device.
It may be hard to believe, but the Galaxy Note 3 is also still a telephone - and it actually works very well as such.
The standard warranty of 24 months includes a bring-in service only (all Samsung service partners are okay, as is sending in the device). One of the biggest tech shows of the year, CES 2015, is due to start in a week, and interestingly enough, we haven’t heard a lot of rumors related to what new tablets will get unveiled at the event. But the Korean tech giant will apparently be following last year’s tradition and will focus on tablets at CES 2015. The tablet in question is in fact a smaller variation, coming in the form of the Galaxy Note 8.4. We’re not given a lot of information regarding the tablet, but we are shown an image of the device. As for specifications, we can only guess Samsung will either power the device with one of its own Exynos chips or a Qualcomm Snapdragon instead (a 64-bit model maybe). Das Samsung Galaxy Note 5 hat das beste bisher bei DisplayMate getestete Smartphone-Display.
PhonesReviews UK- Mobiles, Apps, Networks, Software, Tablet etcAll about Mobile Phones Reviews & Updates. This is still the fourth installment of our Samsung Galaxy Note 4 problems troubleshooting series but we already have a lot of unaddressed emails in our inbox. For those who already emailed us their problems, please bear with us if couldn’t immediately respond to your concerns. About the internet connection, how did you find out that your internet was “sooooooo slow?” Were you browsing the web using a web browser?
Lastly, I understand you were asking us to help you get your internet working on your phone again.
Yadira, we are willing to help but please provide something that we can use to assess your problem.
If mobile data is enabled and you have this problem, it would be better if you disabled Auto connect option.
If, however, the WiFi still disconnects then there must be something turning it off other than the features we disabled above. In case the problem persists after the said procedure, then there’s no other option but full hard reset.
Press and hold the Volume Up and the Home keys together, then press and hold the Power key.
When the Note 4 vibrates, release both the Home and Power keys but continue holding the Volume Up key. Problem: Hi there, when I send text messages, right when I hit send, the message balloon lags for a second and then comes up on the conversation window.
For troubleshooting, I reset the device to the Factory default settings and tried texting without installing any Apps but in vain.
I noticed that if I lock and then try to unlock my phone too quickly, the phone would freeze. This also happen when I use any Maps apps as well while I’m in navigation mode and turn my screen off to save battery. Of course, the first thing I want you to do is make sure none of the those power saving modes is enabled.
When the phone starts to boot, release the Power key but continue holding the Vol Down key until the phone finished restarting. Safe mode will be display at the lower left corner; you may release the Volume Down key now. In case the problems are present while the phone is in safe mode, then there’s nothing much you can do but backup your data and hard reset the phone.

Question: Hello Harold, i have question about Samsung Note 4, it keeps restarting and its so annoying i cant use the phone, i read your notes about to perform master reset, and i wanna know my phone is unlocked if i do that its not gonna hurt my phone? I will not go further into troubleshooting the restart issue because it seems you already made up your mind to reset the phone. I hope you understand, there’s nothing much you can do if a service or pre-installed app crashes. One other thing, this is not a problem but it must be a setting and I just can’t find it, on the Note 3 on the lock screen you could see you had a missed call and from who. Feel free to send us your questions, suggestions and problems you’ve encountered while using your Android phone.
The latest Android software version called Marshmallow has already been making its way to several phone models. It allows you - in limited circumstances - to run apps and dial numbers even when the device is locked," disclosed Eden in a blog post.
The million dollar question: Is the Galaxy S3 really safe for enterprise users, as Samsung claims?
The Galaxy Note 2 also comes with an S Pen for writing on-screen and controlling the phone in other key ways and features a Multi-Window View that lets users use two apps at the same time. The iPhone 5 is slightly thinner and not as tall as the Galaxy S3, but even when held back to back, the size differences are minuscule. The Galaxy Note 2 is noticeably heavier than the iPhone 5, but not so heavy that it rules out using the Galaxy Note 2 as a phone that users hold up to their head for a conversation.
The Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 are not poorly built, but some users do not like the feel of plastic on a flagship smartphone, no matter how little it moves when held.
The Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and Apple iPhone 5 remain some of the best smartphones of 2013, even as their replacements are rumored. The newest addition to Samsung's successful Galaxy Note series comes with a huge 5.7-inch display - fitting, given the current trend toward ever-larger smartphone screen sizes. In order to test the quality of this module, we are comparing its precision to that of a full-blown outdoor navigation system made by Garmin during a real-life bicycle ride. As long as the signal strength did not hit rock bottom, we were always capable of understanding our partner at the other end clearly and vividly (as was he). The newest Galaxy Note variant stays true to the current trend towards ever-larger smartphone screens, adding 0.15 inches to its already challenging (in terms of handling) predecessor. In 2014, Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 and Galaxy TabPRO family of devices. However, since then we’ve seen no more information related to the product surface online. The tablet looks like a larger version of the Galaxy Note 4 and will probably arrive with an aluminum profile.
Zu diesem Ergebnis kommen die Experten von DisplayMate in einer sehr umfangreichen Review und sind dabei voll des Lobs. Denn vielleicht lasst Samsung Deutschland, wie schon fur das Galaxy Note Edge, wieder seine Fans abstimmen, ob das Premium-Smartphone hierzulande auf den Markt kommen wird.
Das Note 5 lost mit seinem 5,7 Zoll Quad HD Super AMOLED Display die bisherige Nummer 1 Galaxy Note 4 ab und stellt erneut Bestmarken fur Energieverbrauch, Farbgenauigkeit und Kontrastverhaltnis auf.
Majority of the problems are not serious and there were also users who simply wanted to be walked through setting up their new phone. This isn’t the only device we support and we are receiving hundreds of emails each day asking for help.
I think the phone has an internet connection, you just need to tell us what exactly is happening with your phone rather than giving us vague information. Therefore, it is difficult to know for sure which app causes the problem, although Priyanka here said it is triggered by the Gallery app.
I tried installing 3rd party text messaging apps as well which made it a little better but then I don’t like the 3rd party messaging apps so far which I have used. So, you already used 3 Note 4s with the same issue, tried sending text messages (not sure if they’re SMS or MMS) without third-party apps installed and did factory reset to no avail. All Note 4 owners who use S View covers encountered this and it’s not really a problem, rather a normal operation of the phone.
Normally when I wake it up to unlock, the phone screen turns on and the 2 soft keys light up. Once it freezes, it takes a couple of minutes (sometimes up to 10 mins) before it becomes responsive again. My phone would connect top the Wi-Fi network easily enough and I can see that the signal is strong but then it would constantly disconnect and reconnect. I have also checked the Wi-Fi devices limit and I’m pretty sure we have not hit the 50 connected devices limit (14 times). These two problems of yours may occur simultaneously if either the Power saving mode and Ultra power saving mode is enabled. Now, after you’ve verified that reboot the phone and see if the problems still persist. Factory reset will bring the phone to default settings and that sure will fix this minor (yes, minor) problem. It is an awesome phone, however, When I go to the Twitter Mobile website using Google Chrome (Which I do often due to use features which the Blue Android Twitter app does not provide function for) I keep getting a prompt at the top of the screen to install (Please see provided screenshot) Twitter for Android.
However, I have one small problem that is driving me nuts and I was hoping you would have a suggestion as to how I can fix it.
On the 4, all you get is missed call and where it normally says from who on the 3, on the 4 it says missed call (so it says missed call and directly underneath it, it says missed call instead of who the missed call was from). This feature is on the way to the Galaxy S3 as well, but Apple does not let users pull up two apps at once on the iPhone 5.
The Galaxy Note 2 is much larger, enough so that users should definitely check one out in person.
At first glance, the rear cover looks like it has been made from leather (it even comes with fake stitching!), but this is not the case. LG's G2, for example, uses a significant portion of the screen itself to emulate these three navigation buttons, reducing its effective display size when compared to devices with physical buttons. The one which is built into the Galaxy Note 3 is not only extremely fast in registering and interpreting touch commands (as well as display rotations), but also comes with S-Pen support. Kleiner Trost: Das Display des Galaxy S6 edge+ ist laut der Bewertung von DisplayMate auch spitze und als Plastiksubstrat basiertes flexibles Panel dem Super-Display des Note 5 nahezu ebenburtig. Neue Spitzenleistungen gibt es aber auch fur Helligkeit und gleichma?iger Leuchtdichteverteilung.

Please help me what should I do to get my Internet working on my phone I hope to here from you soon and thank you. If you’re confused how to get this kind of information, just take a look at status bar of your phone.
It only happens to the note4 as the WiFi never disconnects on any other surrounding devices. With that, it is logical to clear the cache and data of the Gallery just to find out if it can make a difference. Just reset the phone to give it a fresh start but don’t forget to backup all your data before doing so. Aside from the connectors on the S View cover that are used to make wireless charging possible, there’s no other connectors that would the cover to manipulate the phone. Since you already did the basic troubleshooting for this kind of problem and it persists, then it’s safe to assume the SIM card is already damaged. The problem isn’t with the stock clock app or the S Voice but with the volume of the microphone.
This means that any download that I’m trying to do through the browser would constantly fail because the network would keep cutting out (15). The phone will fall into deep sleep when it becomes idle and waking it up may take longer than usual.
The Master reset will delete all your downloaded apps and data saved in the phone’s internal storage and reformat the data partition but it will not affect the hardware and software setup.
When I am on a phone call and I need to access the screen to look something up, I take it away from my face and it lights up but as soon as I touch it, it goes black. Insgesamt ist das Note 4 fur die Kollegen von Phone Arena sein sehr gutes Phablet, das sie mit 9,3 von 10 Punkten bewertet haben.
Of course, the S-Pen, the poster child of the Galaxy Note range, is on board as well, having learned a number of new tricks.
Close to the crossing, some deviations from the actual route can be noted, but things got even less precise once we entered the forest patch.
The S-Pen is an active digitizer (with one button at the side) which can be stored away in the chassis of the Note 3. In addition, Samsung has actually managed to slim down the chassis when compared to the Galaxy Note 2, both in terms of thickness and width. Denn laut Samsung wird das Spitzen-Smartphone Galaxy Note 5 in Deutschland vorerst nicht erhaltlich sein. Bis auf die dynamische mittlere Bildhelligkeit sind alle Test-Bewertungspunkte bei DisplayMate im grunen Bereich.
Feel free to contact us again about the problem but make sure to include all necessary information.
I can repeat it consistently by putting my thumb over the sensor to the right of the ear speaker. The processor’s performance will also be capped if one of those power saving modes is enabled and this could contribute to the freezing problem.
I already have the app installed but Google Chrome does not seem to know that, does it want me to install a browser extension or something?
I take my finger away and it lights up again and I touch the screen and it goes black again and it is an endless cycle that makes me want to throw it across the room (I wouldn’t do that obviously, but it’s frustrating!). Such an imprecision in terms of locating the exact route also leads to wrong results in terms of the overall distance we rode. Pulling the pen out of its slot automatically opens a menu on the screen with a number of different command options. September 2015 in Deutschland mit 32 GB internem Speicher fur rund 800 Euro auch erhaltlich sein.
If, however, you were positive it’s an issue, then it has got to do with the firmware. The best course of action is to call your provider and request for a replacement SIM to retain your number. Likewise, the WiFi will also be affected by it and constant disconnection and reconnection may occur. I have clicked the X to close the prompt but it keeps coming back when I revisit the site so that is not an option here.
I push any button I can and nothing seems to get it out of that cycle, I just have to give up whatever I was wanting to find until I hang up.
More often, spraying compressed air into the speaker grill will fix this issue but if not, then you really have to bring the phone to the store or your service provider and let the technician open the phone up. However, even reformatting the storage device did not solve the problem - only a complete removal of the card ended our troubles. Handily, the Galaxy Note 3 is also able to double as a universal remote control (for TVs and other multimedia devices) due to its optical infrared port on top of the smartphone. The pen is not only very simple to use, but it is also extremely precise - making it viable to use the display in pretty much the same fashion as an old-school notebook.
Please help me fix this, as it’s getting very annoying and I use the Internet constantly. If you are in a country where you can just buy and plug a SIM card to any phone and don’t care about your phone number, then just buy a new one. Lastly, if we were able to help you, please help us spread the word by sharing our posts with your friends or visit our Troubleshooting Page. Only the camera (13 megapixels) remains unchanged with respect to the one used in the Galaxy S4.
This is definitely a problem where the manufacturer will have to react fast - the continuous indexing of all files on the card just puts too much strain on the SoC. During our tests, all wireless modems worked flawlessly at all times, without any unexpected connection interruptions. I have also noticed that during the phone call, BEFORE I pull it away from my face, that I can see it light up and turn off and light up and turn off when I am talking so I would think that must mean that it doesn’t recognize the closeness while on a call but I don’t know how to fix it. Die Bequemlichkeit bei der Erfassung des Fingerabdrucks lasst aber noch zu wunschen ubrig, so muss man den Finger in einer genauen Position uber den Sensor halten.
Tatsachlich ist nun ein neuer Sensor verbaut, der die UV-Strahlung misst (wir berichteten).

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