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We already have a guide covering how to root International Galaxy S3, but there seems to be a different process for the T-Mobile and Sprint Galaxy S3. Turn OFF your phone, remove the battery, re-insert it and then boot into the recovery mode. Well, some of the users have gotten success to enter into CWM Recovery while others haven’t. I updated my firmare I have the uvlh2 on my galaxys 3 T-999 T-Mobile and this root method doesn’t work anymore do you guys have the new root file 2 flash in odin? I have verizon now and use a tether to make hotspots with my rooted phone but am thinking of switching to sprint but have heard that they do something to block you from tethering, does anyone know if ic an still use a tether to make hot spots and use the internet under my unlimited data instead of paying for their separate hotspots?
Help needed: I rooted my SGS3 according to the above, simply because I want PPP-EO installed.
Followed the instructions and everything went smooth…so I downloaded root checker just to verify and it says “Sorry! Feel free to learn more About me, Contact me if you need to, and ask to Advertise on the site if you think you're a good fit. The Motorola Droid Razr is an Android-based, 4G LTE-capable smartphone designed by Motorola that launched on Verizon Wireless on November 11, 2011. Make sure your phone has at least 60% of battery life left to go through the process without any issues.

Install the Drivers for your Galaxy S3 that you downloaded from the official Samsung website. In the Odin tool, select PDA tab and then choose the clockworkmod.TAR file you downloaded earlier to your PC. Now, in the recovery menu, select install zip from sdcard followed by choose zip from sdcard option. When it has finished flashing the file, simply select reboot system now from the recovery menu. Your smartphone has now been rooted and you can install any root-only app right now on your phone. After Odin when I reboot via volume up, home, and power at the same time I boot into Android System Recovery and not Clock Work. Discussion about this issue is going on on several forums, we’ll let you know if we find something that can fix your particular problem. I did the above method to root, with no problems, but now I’m getting constant firmware update notices, the one time I tried it, it kind of looked like the CWM killed the update. But, when you do so, the root access will be lost and you’ll have to re-root your smartphone. If The Copyright Of Any Wallpaper Belongs To You Contact Us And We Will Remove From Our Website.

Once you have rooted your smartphone, you can install the root-only apps as well as you will be able to modify the system files to tweak your phone. However, the stock firmware or unrooting your phone will help you get back your lost warranty. Though developers are yet to move their custom ROMs to CM11 we have for you the unofficial release.
Before you update, take important pre-update steps.What to Do, What to AvoidBefore you install custom ROMs, wipe off previous personal data and apps. Since the beta-build is unofficial, once the firmware update is installed, issues like boot loops, FC errors some apps may not work, and your phone may not boot. This offers more options, makes transfer of data across Android phones of different manufacturers easier.
If the custom recovery is already installed, taking backup creates a complete image of your phone’s existing setup.Enable USB debugging and make sure battery level is charged to minimum 80-85%. Power button is to be pressed while phone is in Recovery Mode.Select ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ to perform cache wipe.

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