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Just to rundown what the LG Optimus Quantum has to offer, this baby packs a 3.5-inch touchscreen, 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and 720p HD video recording, WiFi, Bluetooth, a slide-out QWERTY keypad, and is powered by a 1GHz processor. The LG G2 will be available on Canadian carriers Bell, Rogers, SaskTel, Telus, Videotron and Wind Mobile.
Would strongly recommend this phone to anyone that doesn't want a very complicated cell, and if you looking for durability. After about 2 weeks the problem came back, so i called the customer service line again and the agent told me that every night i need to take out my battery and keep it off for five minutes!! That is unacceptable I paid a lot of money for this phone, if i would have known that half the time I cant send or recieve texts I would have never bought it.
Another thing that is bad about this phone is that it constantly freezes and turns off by itself. Funny that we have quirky troubles with our newer Motorola Two-Way radios at work, while the two or three old clunkers with bad batteries still work just fine when charged.
Pro: You get great picture and sound and even when you take a picture and set it as your wallpaper the picture is clear!! This phone was working good for the first year while I had warranty, but after that it started getting slow, not sending messages, freezing up, restarting at random times, and just having other little problems. Well I've had this phone for well over two years now and I've had my fair share of problems with it, such as the freezing when going into chat and the screen just randomly stop working and a ridiculous amount of scratches onthe screen but over all I've enjoyed this phone a lot.
If people say they like it, its because they owned a terrible phone prior or haven't owned it long enough. If people say they like it, its because they owned a terrible phone prior or haven't owned it long enough.
I love the LG Bliss, it was the best touch screen phone I ever had, it survived being dropped in water, and still worked great after words. Here is a video tour of the Samsung Omnia i910 for Verizon, including the hardware, Windows Mobile + TouchWiz interface, impressive camera, browser, and virtual keyboard.
In general we like the updates and added features, making the i910 Omnia for Verizon even better than the original - a device we liked very much. Ok, out of the box this phone isn't all that great, but I didn't have any battery life problems then either.
I get around 50 emails a day, 2-3 calendar reminders a day, it syncs with my exchange server at work. You probably void your warranty, though I had the phone replaced one because I fell into the lake with it.
Also the connector is on the side of the phone, and has a flip wiggle cover much like cheap phones. If you are looking for verizon omnia they are also for sale on amzon search "samsung omnia" or "samsung omnia verizon"and are used phones that do not require contract.
1) User interface: It is hard not to compare phones completely touchscreen and shaped like iPhones to the iPhone. The Omnia does have a lot of nice features and is a slick phone, but there are several problems that will annoy any user to no end.

Available on Bell since last year, the side-sliding LG Optimus Quantum Windows Phone 7 handset is now likewise available on SakTel.
I think in the grand scheme of things the Nexus 4 is meant to appeal to a rather small niche market, while the Moto X was designed with the masses in mind. Although I could never go back to a physical keyboard (find them harder to type on) the thing is absolutely beautiful.
It allows you to port all SMS’s, e-mail, and configuration from old devices to your new one.
An external, MicroSD (up to 2 GB) expansion slot is available for increased storage capacity. Has Motorola gone the route of Black & Decker (power tools) and Square D (commercial-industrial electrical) and ruined a reputation for solid products by producing glorified crap??? I have the second phone because where I travel a lot there is very limited coverage and nothing that works good there has good coverage at home.
My primary phone has lasted nearly 2 years of being carried around, dropped from 4ft+, used in the rain, and still works great. An external, MicroSD, MicroSDHC (up to 16 GB) expansion slot is available for increased storage capacity. Around the device you have the standard buttons such as volume rocker, lock, camera plus the USB to charge. When you use that chat function, the phone often freezes up, and you have to either wait for it to restart on its own, or remove the battery and turn it on again. Wish i still had it now, had to switch cell phone company's and ended up with the Motorola Crush which is a piece of junk only reason we got it was because the bliss you have to have the data plan, trying to find another bliss and if we have to add the data plan so be it, it will be worth having a phone that works good.
An external, MicroSD (up to 16 GB) expansion slot is available for increased storage capacity.
The resolution of the screen is impressive, and the quality of pictures is clearly evident as it has a stellar 5 megapixel camera.
You have to use a splitter in the car when charging and playing the output to the input on my stereo. The iPhone sounded like a great idea, except for the fact that Cingular service is terrible on my school campus. Unlike the iPhone, I haven't found a single great app store that has all the good apps for WinMo phones. Take a picture of someone's business card, and it imports the details into your contacts. If this phone came with SPB mobile shell 3 installed (so I didn't have to pay extra), it would easily get a 5 from me. I've had to re-calibrate weekly (at least) and even then it is still way off at times. Their 3-year contract price for the LG Optimus Quantum is $50 for voice and data, a stark contrast to Bell’s $29.95 offering. If I were a Canadian, I would just go to US and buy a Nexus 4 device unlocked and choose the best data plan available from mobile carrier companies.

Plug your old device in, sycnhronize, and backup, and once done, disconnect and plug your new device in. Samsung claims that the i910 Omnia's battery is capable of over 5.5 hours of talk time or about 19 days of standby time. Basically, the WinMo interface was designed 10 years ago to be used with a stylus and not a finger (tiny buttons, little click areas). SPB mobile shell is an awesome finger friendly interface that once you install, you never have to interact with the WinMo ugliness.
Like a real camera- a half press to focus, camera beeps, followed by a full press of the camera button to take the picture. I hope T-Mobile will offer Galaxy S 4 at the same price as the iPhone 5 – $99 upfront with 48 $20 monthly payments. From what I can tell the entire device is made of plastic and some might say that this makes a device look cheap, but with the Bliss it somehow adds to the appeal. The touch screen isn't sophisticated at all, and the panoramic keyboard has trouble keeping up with high-speed texting. Doesn't have a good music player, every time I'm listening to music and I receive a text the music stops. While real world use can vary greatly, we've found the battery in the Omnia to be pretty solid all around. I would argue that SPB's interface is better than the iPhone since SPB actually needs to sell its software based on the interface alone and does consumer surveys from time to time on how to improve the interface.
I've taken photos of my classroom board from a far when I was too slow in taking notes, and I can zoom in later and see the text crystal clear. The battery at first would last a few days, after a month it was dead after 1 day (about 10 minutes of talk time and I do not use the music player, I was very unimpressed with the quality and how long loading was.) After about a week it started just powering off and restarting itself. Even the stylus that comes with the phone doesn't stay in the phone, unlike other WinMo devices. It’s definitely way more expensive, but hey, if you love SaskTel and you’re aching to get a Windows Phone 7 device, I‘m sure this really isn’t much of an issue for you guys. Overall, It just feels like it is a cheap phone with a few extras to try and pass it off as a higher end phone.
Instead, if you want to carry the stylus around, you'll have to leave it dangling from the side of the phone.
Verizon is getting wireless charging (exclusively), eastern countries are getting 2 batteries (smaller batteries) with separate charger and sd card?
With internet, media, a camcorder, a camera, a facebook page, instant messaging, text, chat, 2 free motion games, a drawing panel and SO much more, the only problem I have with this phone is that I can't peel myself away from it!

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