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Lesiter was formally charged in Cleveland County on July 1 with felony armed robbery and assault and battery with a deadly weapon. When police arrived they found James Garcia with a single gunshot that passed completely through his left arm and lodged in his abdomen.
The two men began yelling at Garcia to place his hands on the wall and that they were police officers and this was a sting.
Garcia reportedly doubted the men were actual law enforcement and when he questioned them he was punched. Detectives released a photo of the woman to the local news media, resulting in numerous calls to police identifying the woman was Kassady Lesiter, a Norman daycare teacher. Norman police located Lesiter, who quickly admitted she was the woman featured on the news and was wanted. Lesiter was then transported to Oklahoma City Police headquarters where she allegedly confessed to the armed robbery and identified her male accomplices. Those coordinates pinpointed the phone’s location within room 212 of the Oak Tree Motel located at 1200 S. A female inside the motel room told detectives that Banschbach had arrived at the room with a gun and a cell phone.
Police later learned that the cell phone was a T-Mobile phone, registered to what is believed to be a fake name (Charles Smith) with the same date of birth as Banschbach. The second male accomplice has not yet been publicly identified by police – but rest assured they know who it is.

If you haven’t been paying attention to your Facebook privacy settings, a lot of your information can be viewed by anyone with a Facebook account. The final option is to adjust the privacy settings where only your friends can search for you by cell number. Facebook has taken quite a few steps to help you find people and certain posts, but actually sifting through your friends' post history has been tricky.
The creators of the FluidStance balance board have crafted a standing desk for kids in the classroom. IBM teamed up with fashion house Marchesa to create a dress to show off the power of cognitive computing.
Oklahoma City Police were dispatched to 712 SW 104th Place in regards to a robbery victim who had been shot.
Shortly thereafter they made contact with the occupants of room 212 and took Banschbach into custody on several outstanding warrants.
KFOR News Channel4 is reporting that police were summoned to an area hospital after Garcia arrived to their emergency room with a gunshot wound.
Since 1996, Bates has been using his video camera to spotlight the graphic reality of street, forced and organized prostitution.
According to a recent finding, the default setting is to allow everyone to search for you by email or by the cell phone number you provided to verify your account. Most people would probably be against this since many friends are already connected and it does seem some what radical.

One of the males was reportedly brandishing a pistol and had a gold badge affixed to his waistband.
KFOR is also reporting that Garcia called for his roommate to come out and help him during the robbery.
The second option is to delete your number from your account, but it’s unsure if Facebook will ask you to verify your account again in the future. It may not be as much of a challenge now that Facebook has updated its Graph Search beta to help you track down your friends' shared posts. If you don’t mind your Facebook account to be viewed by your colleagues, then leave it the way it is. If you search for "Anna summer party," for example, you'll see everything Anna wrote about that memorable get-together.
However, if you would like keep your personal profile private you can take some steps to secure your profile.

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