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Once you have obtained all the necessary facts about your iDevice, you can finally order iPhone IMEI unlock by selecting a trusted company with a good reputation. After you have paid for the order you can wait for the email confirmation and instruction on how to complete unlock. There is nothing easier than to find out your original iPhone carrier name for locked smartphones. Introduced earlier this month , iOS 7.1 appears to be causing issues with personal hotspots for quite a few iPhone users around the world. The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15 digit number unique to every mobile phone and mobile broadband modem.

If you are unable to find your dongle IMEI number, please watch this YouTube video, showing how to find the IMEI number using Windows.
Sep 23, 2013SmartZone0 Most probably, mobile phone is the most used device by the people throughout the whole world.
It still has some requirements that are must-do for anyone who wants to unlock iPhone by IMEI code.
You’ll have to connect the handset to iTunes and see a happy message about a successful unlock.
It's used to identify devices and can be used to prevent them from working if reported stolen.

They got a handset locked to AT&T or to Swisscom from Switzerland, O2 carrier in UK, T-Mobile or any other mobile operator and had it officially unlocked by IMEI number. You should then provide your IMEI number [look it up by entering *#06#] and real email address.

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