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Find out some FAQs and useful information about your Nextel Direct Connect account with Sprint by dialing the Sprint Customer Service Number. Call a phone number from within a message with Direct Connect. To call a phone number from within a message, scroll to the phone number or Direct Connect® number to make a call or send a call alert to that number. Know your options for private Direct Connect conversations. You can turn off your speakerphone so that your Direct Connect calls will not be heard by others.
For Sprint phones, that number can be either a Direct Connect number (Area ID*Network ID*Member ID) or it can be the same as your wireless number (example: Area Code-555-1111). If your Direct Connect number is the same as your wireless number: When you give your number to someone who has a Nextel or PowerSource phone, make sure they use asterisks (*) to separate each set of numbers.
A Direct Connect call ends automatically if there is no activity on the call for a few seconds. Fix an issue where your PRO-700 by Sanyo may temporarily be unable to receive incoming push-to-talk (PTT) calls.
Rare conditions may cause the phone to enter a temporary state where both the EVDO and PTT (Push to Talk) icons are present on the display, but incoming push-to-talk calls are not received. We are a non official blog where you can get the answer to your questions about Sprint Customer Service. Let's put it this way, would you rather go to the Apple Genius Bar to fix something with your iPhone or to the Bank of America teller to reverse a surprise interest charge?It's perhaps no wonder Bank of America leads the nation in bad customer service.
You also could use an optional audio earpiece through the VibraCall feature, which might be available for your phone model; it enables you to silently be notified of incoming Direct Connect calls. These 3 sets of numbers together, including the asterisks, represent your Nextel Direct Connect number, for example, 111*222*3333. Eight of the 10 companies in the Hall of Shame have made at least three previous appearances since 2009.It is difficult for businesses in some industries to garner consumer praise.
Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup -- three of the largest banks in the country -- received some of the worst customer service ratings in the nation. For example, a€?[Banks] assured customers that [mortgage-backed securities] were actually good products when, in fact, they were pretty toxic,a€? Kopalle said.Cable and satellite TV companies are another segment that has repeatedly received poor customer service ratings.

Shep Hyken, a customer satisfaction expert, explained that these companies are often unclear about their service charges.
Without competition from other companies, a€?there is just not that pressure to deliver great service.a€?Future consolidation in these industries may exacerbate the problem.
Companies with fewer valid responses were not considered.The 10 companies with the highest percentage of "poor" responses represent our Customer Service Hall of Shame. Using the same methodology, the 10 with the highest percentage of "excellent" responses became our Customer Service Hall of Fame.
While missing from the bottom 10, Capital One and JPMorgan Chase also received low ratings.The banking industry as a whole suffers from bad press, likely due to its involvement in the financial crisis. About 15% reported a a€?poora€? customer service experience for Well Fargo as a bank.Although Wells Fargo has largely avoided the financial crisis-related fines several of its competitors paid, it has not been immune to scrutiny.
The bank, which is the largest provider of home loans, was sued by the Federal Housing Authority in 2012 for bad mortgages. Like other banks, continuous criticism since the financial crisis is likely a major component of Wells Fargoa€™s customer dissatisfaction.According to Bove, bad press is only part of the problem.
Among these, the company wrote in its annual report that it had 70 staffers dedicated to customer care on social media platforms.
AOL owns a number of notable media entities, including TechCrunch, Engadget, and The Huffington Post, some of the most frequently visited sites on the internet. AOL also hosts its own homepage, which is still among the Interneta€™s largest portals.While AOL no longer brings to mind free CDs and promotions, the company still derives a major portion of its business from subscribers. In the first quarter, $150 million of its $583 million in revenues came from subscriber payments. The segment also accounted for the bulk of the companya€™s operating profits.AOLa€™s membership and account business has been criticized in the past for the difficulty customers had in cancelling their account. Some consumers were also annoyed by the number of unsolicited free AOL install disks they had received in the mail.6.
This is part of a larger a€?cord cuttinga€? trend that has cost Time Warner Cable and its rivals millions of video customers in recent years, as streaming services such as Netflix have gained in popularity.Time Warner Cable and Comcast are pursuing a merger.

The deal is currently being evaluated by regulators, who are focused on the impact the deal will have on consumers and customer service.5. SO i’M THINKING THAT IT WAS NEVER OPENED OR NEVER NEW THAT IT WAS A PHONE TO BE RETURNED.
Regulators, too, have been critical of the companya€™s relationship with customers in the past.
Whether the merger will serve the public interest and improve the DirecTV customer experience remains to be seen.
At the very least, the companies plan to bring broadband service to millions of rural Americans previously outside the range of service.DirecTV claims its customer service is better than most companies in the industry. As Hyken explained, while these companies offer a highly-desired service, a€?you have to be home for four hours and take a half-day off work if you want a guy to install it.a€?4.
Contentious contract negotiations with Disney put more than 14 million Dish subscribers in danger of losing access to ESPN and other popular channels.
The settlement was the largest do-not-call penalty the FCC had ever reached.Poor customer treatment such as this may partly explain Sprinta€™s exceptionally poor performance on our customer service survey.
More than one in five participants rated the companya€™s service as a€?poor.a€?In July of last year, Sprint Nextel, the third largest wireless communications company in the nation in terms of revenue, merged with Softbank.
Despite the $22 billion deal, Sprint has continued to lose subscribers, even as competitors have been adding millions of new customers.Sprint declined an interview.
In a written response, the company claimed it has seen a€?faster data speeds, improved overall performancea€? and a€?significant reduction in dropped and blocked voice callsa€? in areas where 3G voice systems, 4G LTE, and Sprint Spark have been introduced.In another attempt to improve the companya€™s position, Sprint is currently expected to pursue a merger with T-Mobile.

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