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BeoCom 4 is a cordless telephone which distinguishes itself through simplicity and ease of operation. BeoCom 4 is a cordless telephone based on simplicity, ease-of-use and no-nonsense functionality. BeoCom 4′s excellent sound quality is produced by the interaction of an innovative loudspeaker unit with digital sound processors.
Building on the belief that less sometimes is more, the new BeoCom 4 cordless telephone puts straight talking and no-nonsense functions in focus. Asymmetrically divided into two halves, the BeoCom 4 base and handset offer a high level of design-wise interaction.
Utilising the DECT cordless telephone standard, the user may travel with his or her BeoCom 4 up to 300 meters outdoors or 50 meters indoors from the base without losing functionality or a drop in sound quality. The handset is ergonomically designed with the aim of being pleasant to hold, even during long phone calls. The Bang & Olufsen BeoCom 5 is a dual line DECT phone that works as either a land line telephone or a VoIP handset.
BeoCom 5 allows IP telephony, which allows you to send and receive telephone calls via your computer instead of an older landline connection.
The BeoCom 5 also comes with a cordless speaker which also doubles as a charger for the handset. You can choose between layouts in the display, select among nine different colours andA get as much asA eight different handsets for one phone. A lot of focus has been put on achieving natural speech reproduction that is easy to distinguish and gives the illusion of being in the room with far-away relatives or business associates a€“ even when several people speak at once.
Bang & Olufsen telephone technology is renowned for authentic voice reproduction and superb sound quality. BeoCom 1401 offers the functions expected in a basic telephone, such as memory for 10 numbers, redial function for the last number, adjustable volume control, and microphone mute. BeoCom 1401 offers a level of flexibility that makes it just as easy to live with as it is to use. Ten number memory, redial function for the last number, adjustable volume and microphone mute. With its range of colors and unlimited placement options, BeoCom 1401 offers a level of flexibility that makes it just as easy to live with as it is to use. With a combination of intelligent operation and functional design, BeoCom 1401 is a telephone that brings unrivaled simplicity to your everyday communication.
If you want to say something to someone in the room without the caller listening in, you can simply switch the microphone off with the mute function. Store the ten telephone numbers you use most often in the BeoCom 1401′s memory and access them at a touch of two buttons. If the line is busy or nobody answers the phone the first time you call, you can use BeoCom 1401′s one-button Redial function to automatically redial the last number called. Design and technological features mean little if your telephone lets you down when you need it most, so the anticipation of what can happen to a telephone has been turned into a fine art at Bang & Olufsen. B&OA telephones are exposed to extremes of heat and cold,A they spill coffee over them, blow dust at them, step on them and subject them to a whole series of bumps, vibrations and falls. And ita€™s not only the unexpected thata€™s tested for, a robot assesses daily wear and tear by methodically lifting and replacing the handset of a telephone 100,000 times, while a mechanical finger dials telephone numbers over and over again. In a space of days,A they simulate the life of a telephone and everything the modern world may throw at it.

Earphone coupling loss factor, receiver loudness rating value and acoustic leakage are technical terms that mean little to most telephone users.
Every BeoCom handset contains a built-in pressure chamber loudspeaker that ensures optimal natural sound reproduction while minimizing distortion and sound leakage. With a range of four colors to choose from, you’re free to decide whether you want your BeoCom 1401 to match with the rest of your interior decoration or to stand out by itself. Combine BeoCom 1401 with BeoTalk 1200 answering machine and get complete control of all your incoming calls. Beocom 6000 is a cordless telephone designed to bring simplicity to everyday communication. The innovative wheel control is the natural focal point of the BeoCom 6000 handset and the key to the operation of the telephone.
The chargers that hold BeoCom 6000 are made of brushed aluminium and are available in both tabletop and wall-mounted versions. When several Beocom 6000 or BeoCom 2 handsets share the same base, you have the ability to redirect external calls from one handset to another. It has at its disposal all essential operations such as a combined redial and last-caller list and built-in telephone book and is nonetheless is easy & intuitive to use via the familiar user-friendly BeoCom 6000 telephone book wheel. It has all relevant functions, such as a combined redial list, Caller ID list and Phonebook. The voice on the other end of the line is reproduced in a more sophisticated and authentic way. Standing upright, this two-component handset and base combination offers convenient plug-and-talk functionality. Just turn the wheel with your thumb, and leaf simply and easily through the BeoCom 4′s built-in Phonebook and Calls list. The optional extra belt clip with headset provides a very high degree of cordless, hands-free freedom. Moulded in high-quality ABS plastic, the BeoCom 4 features a smooth and durable surface, ensured by an extensive UV lacquering process, which produces a highly scratch-resistant surface. This gives you the data security and integration with other Internet services that characterizes IP-telephony. Crafted from a single piece of aluminium, it sits naturally in the hand, while its gentle curve matches the shape of the human face.
This phonebook is created automatically as calls are made and received, and can hold up to 200 name and number entries. The range is simple, straightforward and functional, and at the same time offers flexibility. By placing the keypad and electronics directly in the handset of the telephone, BeoCom 1401′s placement possibilities are greatly increased. They are just some of the things that Bang & Olufsen test for to determine the sound quality of a BeoCom telephone. But Bang & Olufsen telephones are not only the result of theoretical calculations and complicated acoustical analyses, the final test is the human ear itself.
With its Voice Announcement feature, BeoTalk 1200 will state the name of the caller before you even answer a call. But whichever function BeoCom 1401 fulfills in your daily communication, you can be certain of its incomparable Bang & Olufsen sound quality. It uses an intuitive navigation wheel to give speedy access to practical features like a phone book that can be accessed by each handset.

All the primary functions are carried out using the wheel and the keys that surround it, and it will also act as a volume control for Bang & Olufsen audio-video products. The handsets come in a range of colours, allowing you to match different handsets to different rooms in your home. Internal calls are free, and all the handsets have access to the same built-in electronic phonebook, which stores up to 200 entries. With excellent B&O sound quality the voice of the caller is so naturally reproduced that you recognise it immediately. The phone’s stylish, cylindrical shape blends well with any environment and both the handset and base units are manufactured from robust materials with three different metal-pigmented colours. Once found, the press of a single button allows you to call whomever appears in the illuminated display. At the same time, BeoCom 5 is a two-line phone, making it possible for you to have dedicated home and office lines in the same phone system, which in turn can include up to eight handsets.
Place the charger on the wall or the table, and enjoy cordless freedom all overA your house. BeoCom 2 simply suggests you save the number for the person youa€™ve spoken to, every time you end a call. Moreover, to eliminate background disturbances, you can control the sound volume on Bang & Olufsen products from the telephone. This is further underlined by the use of quality materials, that are what they appear to be, and craftsmanship in its manufacture. Available in yellow, gray, black, and blue, BeoCom 1401 can blend in or stand out as wanted.
A listening panel made up of people with an extraordinary sense of hearing provides the most crucial evaluation of BeoCom telephones. It also lets you distinguish between individual callers with up to 3 different outgoing messages.
In fact, you can have up to eight BeoCom 6000 handsets in your home or office, working from one base station. If you need your hands free to deal with those things that cannot be remote-controlled, you will appreciate the comfortable fit of EarSet 1 Home. Inside the charger, intelligent software makes sure that you never overcharge your battery.
Design and sound quality complement each other making BeoCom 4 comfortable to use even for long calls. All functions can be easily and intuitively accessed using the innovative wheel along with four extra keys. TheA wonderfull balance in your hand and natural sound in your ear make it easy to talk and listen. It’s possible to combine different colors with both a wall and optional table holder.
The system is even compatible with the striking BeoCom 2, both phones offering the authentic voice reproduction and superb sound quality you expect from a Bang & Olufsen telephone. BeoCom 2 is a system telephone with up to eight handsets from the one base station – combine also with Beocom 6000.

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