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If you care to check your files, we’re betting you have tens of thousands of chargebacks against Intelius. Once the transaction was complete we saw that Intelius had actually charged us $4.95 twice. Intelius provided ZERO data for this number – no name, no address, no other useful data in any way, shape, or form. Intelius is a rogue company apparently engaging in fraud on what appears to be an hourly basis – probably more like hundreds of times per hour. It appears that law enforcement is finally taking a hard look at them, and they may in fact be shut down.

The screens also assured us that Intelius did, in fact, have the name and address of the account holder.
We were exceedingly adept at dodging every one of these instances of trickery and at NO TIME did we click anything that would have authorized anything more than one $4.95 charge. No promised (contracted for) data was included on the resultant web page (see attached print) and no other data was contained in the .pdf file that Intelius sent us.
Of course, as you have guessed several paragraphs up, we are unable to get through on this number. It either rings forever, or is busy, or you’re led into a labyrinth phone menu from which there is no escape except to hang up.

We hope to prosecute it as such, and we intend to tell these scumbags what we think of them face to face. This is, we believe, by design – this seems to be the mentality at work at Intelius.

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