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This page focuses on the variety of old telephone numbers that begin with two and three letter prefixes. From 1892 to 1921, one would have placed a call by telling the operator the name of the exchange, followed by the callee’s specific number. Left: Before we were armed with a list of the two letter codes, telling us what they meant, we were left to make a guess based on the location. Right: At right, we have the Philadelphia Wire Frame Company, with the ubiquitous CA 5 prefix. Left:The sign at left is difficult to read, but has not just two numbers, but two prefixes in one!

Right: Concluding our first set of these numbers is a well faded ad for a printing supply company. In theory, there are smaller four and five digit telephone numbers that would have been used prior to 1892. It is the only old exchange number we’ve seen that has obviously been painted recently. Our first thought was Missouri, which shows that our first thought usually needs heavy editing.
This company is not located in Philadelphia, nor is their telephone exchange near the Calumet region – since demolished, it was located at 1824 S.

This sort of thing happens with some frequency in New York, but has all but been abandoned here.
Area codes were introduced in 1947, however, the issue does not become confusing in Chicago until 1996.

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