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TextNow - Free Text + Calls is a Social Networking application, developed by Enflick, Inc. Your device must have atleast 59.0 MB of space to download and install TextNow - Free Text + Calls. I am switching phone plans and while I'm in the middle of getting my phone unlocked to switch provider this has saved me.
The reason I'm given 3, it's because I been trying to open app for 3 days and it doesn't open it fails to open!! I like this app because it allows me to have phone service where I don't have phone service as long as there's Wi-Fi.
The blocking feature was much needed now I want to be able to use my purchased ringtones from iTunes.

I didn't know call were free ongoing and outgoing in US thought the points were for that when its actually for international.
I was able to use my Text Now number to work, and without this app, I can say very seriously that my life would be very different right now. It only drops when the call gets around the 20 minute mark and id appreciate if you guys fixed !! I have continued to use Text Now on my new phone and I can't think of any reason why I wouldn't continue to use it in the future.
However, I am just now realizing that the call option is sincerely free for phone numbers in the United Statea of America and Canada. I always thought that the credits displayed in the top corner of the menu bar were the credits I had for overall calling, but it turns out those are simply credits for international calling.

I use to be able to answer phone calls every time someone called, now I don't even bother cus it never answers the call!!!!!!! For those of you that need to be able to call internationally and have no desire to pay outrageous amount of money for that ability, TextNow offers cheap in-app purchases for credits, but also offers video you can watch to earn credits for free, as well as tasks you can complete to earn even more credits. If you just need this app for short term use it's great but for anything longer than a month (give or take) it becomes impossible to work with. Before when I sent money to use it it worked like a dream, I had at least 400credits that was money I spent to use this app!

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