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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Increasing popularity of smartphones has brought with increasing mobile spam and viruses, spyware & other malware written specifically for mobile smartphones.
Kaspersky claims that the suite of apps protects your mobile phone from viruses, worms, SMS spam and Trojans, and keeps your personal information safe. Kaspersky Mobile Security Anti-theft protection offers SMS block: If your handset is stolen, by remotely sending an SMS, the Kaspersky software blocks access to the smartphone. The Kaspersky Mobile Security app also offers anti-spam protection from unwanted text messages. Kaspersky Mobile Security Protection also offers protection from malware and network attacks targeted at your cellphone.
The company also offers free technical support for installing, activating, and changing settings on Kaspersky Mobile Security application.
F-Secure Mobile Security provides complete and automatically updated security solution for mobile smartphones.
The F-Secure Mobile Security app also offers remote data deletion by a single SMS, a single SMS to lock the mobile phone remote,  and the app can automatically lock access to the phone in case the SIM card is changed. Whenever any any data connection is used, F-Secure Mobile Security automatically retrieves newest updates. Trend Micro Mobile Security is a mobile phone app that protects against viruses, SMS text message spam and other malware attacks, preventing data theft and service disruptions. Trend Micro Mobile Security also protects mobile phones and smartphones from viruses, SMS text message spam, worms, spyware, trojans, Denial-of-service (DOS) attacks and hackers. Norton, one of the earliest anti-virus companies, also has an app to guard your smartphone. Norton Smartphone Security also automatically scans, detects, and quarantines viruses, worms, and mobile spyware. Norton Smartphone Security supports Symbian and the Microsoft Windows Mobile platforms for the mobile phone.
Norton Smartphone Security also delivers product and virus definition files wirelessly through its LiveUpdate feature.
File Scanning: The core scanning engine of NetQin Mobile Anti-virus has adopted the original layer mapping technique from NetQin based on core features of viruses and thus.
Real-time monitoring: NetQin Mobile Anti-virus ensures real-time monitoring over network connection and file system.
If you lose your mobile phone armed with NetQin Anti-virus, you can enjoy make use of the one-stop service via the NetQin Hotline.
The Nokia Lumia 822 has to be mentioned next in the list of the 5 top windows mobile phones. The next that we will mention in the 5 top windows mobile phones is the very popular Nokia Lumia 810. We hope t hat this list on 5 top windows mobile phones will help you to understand which are the windows mobiles that are available in the market. The Sidekick line is the most famous example of this thinking, but the MyTouch is arguably the most relevant in today’s touchscreen-heavy marketplace.

Here we take a look at the Top 5 mobile phone security apps, from Kaspersky, Norton, F-Secure, Netqin and Trend Micro. They are one of the pioneers in mobile security, and have an app called Kaspersky Mobile Security. You can use the SMS option to remotely clean the memory of your lost or stolen handset, so that sensitive data doesnt fall into wrong hands. If you select this option, the software blocks spam messages and filters SMS by sender and by content. This app has real-time antivirus scanning of all files and connections coming to the smartphone, and performs antivirus scanning of the cellphone’s memory and extension cards on demand.
The F-Secure Mobile Security software has a firewall, real-time anti-virus and anti-spyware to protect cellphones from malware made for mobile phones.
These features by F-Secure Mobile Security offer protection against F-Secure Mobile Security works invisibly in the background even as you use your mobile normally.
There is also an additional SMS update method for key updates when a data connection is not available. Norton Smartphone Security protects against viruses and malicious threats from entering your smartphone. Its SMS antispam feature blocks short messages (text and multimedia) from unwanted senders. With the Norton Smartphone Security you can easily manage and schedule antivirus scans and updates, set the firewall protection level, and manage file encryption.
User interaction during the scanning process has been taken into account by NetQin Anti-virus. It detects and blocks virus or threats from short messages (SMS text messages), multimedia messages, bluetooth, infra-red connection and GPRS. Users are allowed to send a control SMS or MMS to get back their contacts as a whole or one by one. Also, in case someone flicks your cellphone and inserts a new SIM card, the SIM Watch option sends the new SIM card number to the original user, so that the thief can be traced. You can also schedule anti-virus scans in this app and set integrated IP firewall protection to defend your smartphone. Real-time protection on the Norton Smartphone Security includes enhanced firewall to block hackers, intrusions, and denial-of-service attacks. Norton Smartphone Security  protects the mobile phone against malicious code downloaded from the Web, sent via email, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or infrared ports. User alerts on the Norton Smartphone Security allow you to respond quickly to potential threats. You can pause or stop the scanning process at any time, or normally use the mobile phone during scanning. NetQin Anti-virus continuously updates its virus database, from which, all users can online download updates for their personal virus database.
NetQin Anti-virus also allows users without their mobile phones alongside to inquire the contact info of their friends or others. The best part about this phone is that it has facility to get wireless charging.The screen is highly sensitive as a result you can use it even with gloves.
There are many more windows phones that are available but we tried to list the best five for our readers. That screen is giant, that hardware is still pretty stunning, and that operating system will be upgradable when Windows Phone Mango comes along with its much-needed updates.

Kasperksy Mobile Security will also automatically update signature databases whenever updates are available. Norton Smartphone Security also blocks snoopware from turning on your camera, preventing intruders from entering and exporting data from the mobile phone. NetQin Anti-virus also affords remote deletion of private information, by sending a control SMS.
As we know that windows does not have all the apps.Nokia fills this gap with some additional apps.
It has a good eight megapixel camera.  The memory of this phone is about 64GB you can add about 16GB to this memory capacity.
It has LTE speeds and the processor that it uses is the top of the line.When we talk about the HTC windows phone 8x we have to mention the negatives too. The Nokia Lumia 810 is a good smart phone but if you are the type who likes slim phones you might not like this phone.
The verdict is that the smart design of the HTC windows phone 8x make it a worthwhile phone. We would advise this phone if you sre looking for an inexpensive phone that is value for money. There are a few good Android devices to choose from, and even Windows Phone 7 hit the scene with a handful of respectable devices, too. It also has the best battery life when it comes to high-end smartphones today, which is a big deal for me and most people I know in the market for a smartphone.
You can pick one up for $199 or $299 for the 16GB and 32GB versions, respectively, and it is available in black or white.2. It’s extremely thin and lightweight, and packs some pretty powerful hardware in it, too.
The big selling point for this phone, aside from its snappy performance, is really its screen.
But the screen size is also its downside because it can make the phone a little awkward to hold and pull in and out of pockets.
Customizing the phone is very easy, and HTC includes a lot of widgets and applications that allow you to get easy access to the things you need right away. Given the nature of the Android smartphone market, however, you can easily argue that it’s probably in equally good company at the top. The HTC HD7S is a solid piece of hardware running Microsoft’s new mobile operating system.
There is also a stand that folds out on the back surrounding the camera and flash, that way you can watch videos while resting the phone on a table and have it angled nicely toward you.If you want to give Windows Phone a try, the HD7S is a good device.
We now have a number of great Android devices, and a pretty solid Windows Phone handset, too.
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