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You can download and install an application called ‘Plan B’ after logging into your Google Account. You can trace GPS locations of your friend’s cell phones by using different location-sharing apps which let you know where your friends are.
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Such apps come for free and fall in the category of ‘open-source anti-theft applications’ which can be used for both computers as well as mobile phones. The app gets installed on your lost phone and send’s the location of your phone to the associated Gmail account.

It costs six bucks a month and uses the built-in GPS of your phone to track the phone’s location. But please make sure that you don’t try to access someone’s phone illegally or for spying purposes. It is obviously easier to track a smartphone, but don’t worry, older generation of phones can be tracked as well! After signing up, you can sync your devices with it, and the day you want to track you phone, simply log into your app account from a computer! You can trigger your iPhone to make a loud noise, which makes locating it easier when it’s nearby.

You can access the location of your phone in an instant, by logging in to AccuTracking’s web interface using any computer with an Internet connection, if your phone isn’t dead.
But in case, you haven’t registered your phone with either AccuTracking or any other similar service beforehand, you are left with the only option of calling your service provider & hoping that they could help.

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