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Most cell phone companies install locking software on their phones in order to prevent them from being used with another network's SIM card. An unlocked phone can be used with a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card from any network or region. A locked phone essentially has software on it that prevents it from working with a SIM card that has any other carrier’s information coded into it. One of the ways that cell phone companies attract new customers is to offer free or inexpensive phones when the customer signs a contract. Having an unlocked phone will just simply allow you to have more freedom to select the carrier that is most beneficial to you at that time and location. Unless a cell phone user has extra insurance, finding an unlocked cell phone is usually necessary if their current phone is lost, stolen, or broken.

Some mobile providers unlock phones for their customers, as long as there is no longer a contract tying that user to the provider. If this happens, it is usually easier to check an online auction site for an unlocked phone than to purchase another through your cell phone provider or an electronics store; if your expectations and needs for your phone are not very specific, you can easily find a phone of some kind to replace the one you had. There are also third-party companies that can be contacted and provide codes or software used to unlock one.
Similarly, there are third-party sellers across the United States which affiliate themselves with one or more carriers, but are not actually branches of that store; buying from these stores has different services and prices than buying directly from a cell phone provider. Either method is usually quite inexpensive, though prices can vary depending on the type of unlocked phone and the service used. In this situation you must unlock your cell phone.You can easily unlock your cell phone by using unlock code.

While this is not typically illegal, it can violate the contract or Terms of Service (ToS) between a customer and service provider.
These SIM cards are used in phones on a network that utilizes Global System for Mobile communication (GSM), which is used by many European providers and some in the US.

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