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Cybercriminals are currently spamvertising yet another social-engineering driven malicious email campaign, this time impersonating U.S Airways. Upon clicking on the malicious links found in the emails, end and corporate users are exposed to client-side exploits courtesy of the BlackHole web malware exploitation kit.
Once the users click on the malicious links found in the email, an obfuscated javascript code will attempt to load from multiple compromised web servers in an attempt to redirect the users to the client-side exploits serving URL courtesy of the BlackHole web malware exploitation kit. Webroot expects the gang will continue to diversifying the market segment of the brand-jacked companies, and to continue relying on the fact, that end and corporate users continue using the Web, while relying onĀ outdated versions of their third-party software, and browser plugins. This entry was posted in Threat Lab and tagged Client-Side Exploits, cybercrime, Email Campaign, Exploits, Malicious Software, Malware, security, Spam Campaign, Spamvertising, vulnerabilities.
This entry was posted on Monday, April 2nd, 2012 at 11:06 amand is filed under Malware, Spoofing Attack.

I've received five of these from "US Airways" since yesterday, but since I'm not traveling until the end of this month (and not with US Airways or United), I've simply deleted them without opening and will continue to do so.
Well maybe they got into the US airways mileage rewards then that has all sorts of security pre flight info - hopefully it will be taken care of. I have two different email addresses, and I got the reservation confirmation scam email on both of 'em within minutes of each other. It had no attachment but I clicked on the Online Reservation Details link on the email and Avast immediately detected a trojan - something like Redirector? If you happened to click on a link we recommend you scan for viruses and other threats as soon as possible. Delete it!" Apparently, customer service is overwhelmed with calls from confused e-mail recipients right now.

US Airways has been pro-active with addressing this scam by posting an official alert on their website here. Once that's done, you can eitherĀ print out your boarding pass or download it to your smartphone or tablet.

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