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Generally, we are dedicated to providing clients with the tools necessary to compete in today's market by bridging the business to business communication gap. Benoit, Chantal and Marie-Josee have all travelled extensively and together have been to virtually every corner of North America, Europe and Australia.
Benoit Comeau accepts invitations to connect on linkedin from people and organizations that are involved or active in document translation and the broader language industry. We will send you a firm quote along with a payment request via e-mail before we begin the translation. The average turnaround time for certified translations is 3 to 4 business days plus courier delivery time (usually one business day (24 hours)). Our process for certified translations is to provide you with a draft of the translated document(s) via e-mail for your review and approval.
We can assist with the translation of employment documents issued from all Portuguese language jurisdictions.
Attorney Vanessa Elmaleh, as a notary approved and recognized under the laws of Florida, offers her services to officiate your wedding ceremony in Miami.
Our team supports you in these approaches, we are here to listen to you, advise you and answer your questions. We also offer to execute the administrative follow-up with the French Consulate so that your civil marriage is recognized in France.
Attorney Vanessa Elmaleh officiate ceremonies in exceptional and unforgettable places of South Florida: the famous and beautiful beach of South Beach, The South Pointe Park by the sea in Miami Beach and breathtaking views of the ocean, the harbor and downtown Miami and the island of Key Biscayne.
We thank you for contacting us for further details and a quote based on your personal choices and options chosen. The party who performed the wedding ceremony has to return the Marriage License to the Marriage License Bureau.

In brief, our primary mission is to foster cross-cultural communication and understanding within the global community.
She is an experienced communicator and a graduate of the University of Ottawa (BA Sociology). Please note that full payment is required in advance before we can proceed with a certified translation project. Our work is not done until the work is approved by our clients and they are completely satisfied. View descriptions of typical translation, proofreading and editing assignments: Sample translation projects.
Our objective is to improve the formatting, style and accuracy of your written material without changing the content.
The first step is an interview with Attorney Vanessa Elmaleh to prepare all your celebration ceremony, by phone or in our offices in Miami.
Your wedding can be officiated in a small committee in our offices in Miami Beach (Florida). We manage the administrative and legal part of the wedding ceremony and invite you if you wish to use in conjunction the services of a wedding planner to prepare your wedding. You have to wait three days for the marriage license becomes effective if you do not opt for the Premarital Course. May provide your Alien Registration Card, Driver License, Passport or any other legal form of identification if you do not have a Social Security Number. She came to the firm after gaining experience working in the non-profit sector, including an overseas stint with Canadian Crossroads International, a NGO partially funded by CIDA, that is active in development projects in West Africa, Southern Africa and the Andean region of South America. Prior to her joining the firm, MJ garnered extensive experience in the IT sector, working in middle management technical support roles for some of North America's largest IT and telecom companies.

We invite you to contact us with any business ideas or proposals as we seek to forge partnerships with like-minded people and organizations from every corner of the world. We will e-mail you an invoice once we are in receipt of an e-mail confirmation from you to proceed with the translation project. Courier delivery is usually made within 24 hours of shipping — a courier service tracking number would be provided to you. We assist you in your administrative and legal process for your union to be recognized by U.S. Passport, Driver’s License, Alien Registration Card, State of Florida ID, and Military ID are available.
We also thank her legal team that was always pleased to have us in their offices; we honestly recommend her services to all those who wish to get married in Miami". She also has extensive experience in sales and customer service, notably in the software industry. At that time we would require that you call us with your payment information: Our methods of payment are VISA, MC or e-mail money transfers through RBC, TD, Scotia bank, CIBC or BMO.
We also review all the choices of text for exchanging vows and rings, and anything else you want to share with us.

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