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Many tourists interested in obscure places as how to get to Point Roberts, Washington State.
In effect, Point Roberts is a gated American beach community of 1500 people with US Customs and Immigration plus Canada Customs and Immigration providing the gate control and armed patrols of the short land border.
Since there is no airport in Point Roberts and no public transportation there, one either has to drive or take a private boat.
Step 2Clear Customs and Immigration to cross the US-Canadian Border at Peace Arch, entering Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.
Step 4Before the ferry causeway, exit Hwy 10 onto 56th Street going into downtown Tsawwassen.

While in this corner of Washington State you may also want to visit Mount Baker by following these directions.
Remember to take your passport for these border crossing and remember to have a good reason to go even if it is just to go sightseeing in a geographic oddity.
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Turn South on Hwy 10 following the signs to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal (look for the ferry boat symbols).
Rather, one must cross into Canada and then into the USA at the Point Roberts border control point.

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