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US Post Office Eugene Oregon complaint - my mail was delivered with mayonnaise and lettuce on it!
US Post Office Eugene Oregon complaint – my mail was delivered with mayonnaise and lettuce on it! I received my mail in my PO Box the other day with a side of mayonnaise and lettuce - unreal! You just have to hear this complaint I have with my local post office here in Eugene Oregon. One has to ask themselves where are their parents, but in one case I know where the one parent is – they are in jail for shoplifting at the local Wal-Mart.
Well, anyway, about a week or so ago I went down to the post office on East 33rd here in Eugene Oregon to get my mail and I found that there was a slimy substance all over 2 of the packages. Government employees are definitely not the best behaved or smartest out there – they are only there to pick up a paycheck and get their benefits. A post office complaint form is very helpful when one thinks of filing a complaint against the standard of service of a particular post office.
You can Download the Post Office Complaint Form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Microsoft® and Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
Consumers love to do business with someone that can admit mistakes and state how they made improvements. Ripoff Report protects consumers first amendment right to free speech Report: #972333 Report - Rebuttal - Arbitrate Arbitrate Remove Reports? Finally, I had to ask him, as he stood motionless and quiet, not saying a thing after I finished speaking, leaving me at a loss for words as to his behavior, if he would go and check the register of Mr.
He then blurted out,Well, I'll go and check his register and he turned and walked a few feet down in front of me towards Mr. I called Consumer Affairs at 972-393-6755 and waited over 40 minutes on hold for someone to pick up. Don't pay any attention to these naysayers who are attacking you for exercising your free speech.
I certainly have had many different experiences than you with the Post Office throughout the years. The hurtful thing about my experience is that I was called a term used historically to disrespect black people. The internet is the most powerful tool the vulnerable have against those who choose to abuse their authority or abuse others.

Ken, I knew it wouldn't be long before a postal employee (or someone related to a postal employee) would be on this board attacking me for speaking about the horrific experience I had at this post office. Home File a Report Consumer Resources Search Link to Ripoff Report Customer Support for Technical Issues General Questions and Suggestions Privacy Policy Terms of Service FAQ About Us Why Ripoff Report will not release author information!
I prefer reading to writing yahut I prefer reading rather than writing (Okumayı yazmaya tercih ederim) demelidir. He is popular with his students (talebeleri onu (kendilerinden biri imiş gibi) severler). How those businesses take care of those complaints is what separates good businesses from bad businesses. The Post Office is going out of business and is currently having to beg Congress for money just to stay "afloat" and they don't seem to understand that their customer service is so bad that it is driving customers away.
Pound, a most ignorant and hatefull fellow, referred to me as "Ni**er" when I came into the post office to cash a $200.00 money order.
Pound would lie about something like what he had in his register as I believe he did this was a serious character flaw and just plain wrong to treat a customer like that. Arizona does not observe daylight savings so the post time may be Mountain or Pacific depending on the time of year. My cousin and I went into a post office in South Dallas and the man behind the counter was rude, and ended up shouting and yelling at us when we brought his rudeness to his attention.
I have heard the word n****r here and "Silverback Gorilla" when whites are referring to blacks. I agree with every word you stated about this situation because I know Dallas and I know how the postal employees are in general, especially that nasty white guy you referenced. Although there are many fine people that work there, let's be frank and honest and realize that the post office has more than their fair share of assholes. Ken, while you are attacking me and calling my story "improbable" why don't you google the complaint history of the post office and you will find my complaint is just one of millions. I am sitting i n the room (odada oturuyorum), i n a house (bir evde), i n London (Londrada).
In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! I know the word "Ni**er"when I hear it, no matter how inaudible the person tries to make it. As I started to explain what was going on, his body language and facial expressions were such that he appeared to not care at all. My Bank is on the other side of town and one of the postal ladies was telling me in a rude and snide sort of way "You do know you can go to your bank don't you" and she repeated it several times until I stated my bank was a drive from me and I didn't think it would be such a problem to ask the post office to cash a postal money order.

That is why the comments are coming from what I gather to be mostly white people saying Lie, Lie.
He was so open about his disdain I would look around to see if anyone else could see his facial expressions or the way he would flick his hand in my face telling me to move on.
Their obviously miserable agent Mark Pound had to find another way to make the experience of going to the post office even more horrific than what it normally is. I have heard that most hurtful word many times in my life growing up in the Mississippi Delta.I have heard that word IN PERSON to MY FACE and on news programs and while watching movies. She asked Mark Pound if he had the money and without looking up to see me he loudly stated "yes!".
Pound of course responded "no" and then he suddenly turned and stated loudly "Well, that's all I need to hear" flinging his hand over his shoulder in a motion that would have suggested to Mr.
I can't believe these other commenters expressing such disbelief at someone getting disrespected and yelled at by a postal employee. IF, you're telling the whole truth, this may help you, IF not, hopefully we'll learn about that too. The agents at that postal facility were the rudest, unhappiest looking agents I had ever seen. This guy was particularly "NASTY" but no other post office worker would pay attention and honestly I don't think they cared.
When I moved over to his register and he looked up and saw me he suddenly flicked his hand in my face and stated "Oh, I don't have it. BTW, your allegation that I work for, or know someone that works for USPS, makes over 40 different companies I've been accused of working for here on Riporr Report.
They did  not seem to enjoy working with people and one agent in particular stood out. I told him that word is unmistakeable, especially when someone says "go away "n****r". Mark Pound was the most "openly hostile" white man I had ever met, and that says a LOT since I am in Texas. Willis still was expressionless and didn't seem to fully comprehend what I was saying or even care.
I have no reason to lie on what happened to me and you should not try to stymy free speech by attacking me for TELLING THE WORLD I was referred to an a derogatory, racist manner.

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