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Phone number for Verizon wireless and land line support let Verizon customers to quickly solve their problems related to Verizon wireless and Land line. If you have any customer service related query than you can use the 10 digit phone number listed below. If you are using Verizon land line and have some problem or want to contact Verizon Land line customer care than you can use the phone number mentioned below. Replacing your Verizon phone, but don't want to deal with customer service or pay their $20 fee?
Recently due to an unfortunate incident entirely my fault, my Verizon cell phone was damaged beyond repair. On the next screen you will be asked to select the phone number this new phone will be registered to. Make calls, send emails and download files on America’s largest and most reliable wireless network.

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I purchased an old phone off eBay and called Verizon customer service to find out how to activate it as a replacement. You will need the Electronic Serial Number (ESN) or Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID), which is usually found printed on your phone beneath the battery. Wait a few minutes, then dial *228 from your Verizon phone to program it with the new settings. They told me they could do it for me, for $20!Not willing to be ripped off, I did some searching and eventually found the (conveniently unpublicized) Verizon web interface that lets you do it easily, for free.If you're looking to replace a Verizon cell phone, with either a new upgrade or a previously used phone, this guide will show you how.
That’s why we are going to provide you the phone number for Verizon wireless and land line both at one page.
MEID is 14 hexidecimal characters.Finally, you are asked for the reason you are changing phones.

All types of phone number for Verizon like sales support and customers service will be listed here.
They can use these number to change in their plan, to fix any connection related problem, to increase the minutes, to increase in data package and much more, In the coming days you will also be able to find support contact information of other cellular companies like Sprint and AT & T on our website. If you are using android Jelly phone than don’t miss these Jelly bean tips and these android tips. We hope you will like this information about Phone number for Verizon but stay in touch with us because there is coming more. Verizon Wireless reverse phone search can help you, an unknown number on your list of missed calls.

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