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Find the Best Cell Phone and Plan for You PhoneDog's innovative comparison tool can help you save on cell phones and plans. Verizon plans to launch the 4G LTE wireless network in 25-30 trial markets next year, and cover most of its existing 3G footprint by 2013.  For more information, the full press release can be found below. John Matarese goes into Cincinnati's secret bunker, which a cell phone carrier uses to ensure strong signal even during bad weather or in a large crowd.
20, 2010, Webcast for Developers will Review Specifications and Answer Developer Questions BASKING RIDGE, N.J. So, in a move to try and ensure that cell towers are still functional during a power outage, the FCC has drafted regulation that would require network operators to retrofit their cellular network with backup power supplies.

Cell towers with heavier traffic would require more battery backup power, in some cases up to 1,500 pounds worth of equipment – which is a problem because roof-mounted cell towers are not likely to be built to withstand the added weight. Moreover, the cost of retrofitting an entire network with backup power supplies could hit something like $15,000 per site (tower).“I don’t think it’s hyperbole or exaggeration to say if it gets to that point with specific sites it could lead to sites being decommissioned,” she Jackie McCarthy, director of governmental affairs for PCIA, (The Wireless Infrastructure Association). It’s going to hurt public safety from day one.”The wireless industry wants to decide on a case by case basis how to best deal with the issue of backup power supplies. An across-the-board solution isn’t applicable to all situations and could actually hurt the consumer and public safety. Aside from the incredible costs of retrofitting the cell towers, the FCC regulation would likely result in hurting public safety.It might be more realistic to have state or federal governments subsidize backup power supplies at cellular towers.

The FCC wants to ensure continued public safety, and it seems to me that public safety is the domain of government. In that vein, it could be argued that the responsibility to maintain communications in the event of a disaster lies solely with government, and so government-funded electrical infrastructure retrofits at cell tower sites could be more feasible.

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