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B: Dear VOV listeners, we want you to know how happy the people in charge of the Letter Box are to receive your feedback right after the feature is broadcast. A: We always try to send verification cards, souvenirs, stickers, and pennants as soon as possible to all listeners. A: Late last year and early this year, more than 40,000 prepaid mobile phone subscribers of Viettel, MobiFone, and VinaPhone were cancelled for declaring false personal information. B: On every Letter Box, we try to mention as many listeners as possible, so welcome to Christer Brunstrom of Hamstad, Sweden, Masao Hosoya of Tokyo, Japan, Kanchan Chatterjee of West Bengal, India, Klaus Nindel of Dresden, Germany, Gerry Neuman of Hampsphire, England, and all you others out there. A: Dear listeners, your reception reports were all complete enough for us to send you letters of confirmation. HCM CITY (VNS) — The Government of HCM City has urged prepaid mobile phone subscribers to sign contracts with service providers to prevent the continuing onslaught of spam messages.
The move aims to curb the increasing number of virtual subscriptions to prepaid services, where users only use the numbers they subscribe temporarily. Mobile phone users in Vietnam will be able to switch to a different network without having to change their numbers from next year, according to the communications ministry.
Major networks Viettel, Mobifone and Vinaphone will carry out a test run of the plan in December,  deputy minister of Information and Communications Pham Hong Hai at a meeting in Hanoi on Friday. While representatives of those service providers said they are ready, Hanoi Telecom requested that the trial be delayed until 2017 for it to complete technical preparations.
He said the move will ensure healthy competition among networks and improve services for users. He requested relevant networks to prepare to serve switching demands of up to 4 million subscribers with unlimited times. Vietnam has seven mobile network operators with more than 120 million subscribers in total. Analysts have said once the mobile phone market has reached saturation, it is necessary to give users the option of switching to another service provider to facilitate competition. Random, informal Nokia blog for Nokia, Symbian, Maemo, MeeGo and Windows Phone news, reviews, rants, suggestions and applications. In comparison, 105 million less phones have been sold in 2009 than in 2008, with Nokia’s numbers reducing in Market share, smartphone share and OS share. If you’re used to just US figures, it might be shocking to see Nokia even in the top 5 of Phone sales and even Smartphone sales. Very interesting is the rise of China’s ZTE, not only pushing the healing Moto down a peg, but Sony Ericsson too, taking 4th place.
There should be a strong surge in 2010 for Android as pretty much everyone and their grandmother is building an Android phone.
There have been more phones sold than there are people on earth (though not every one of those phones are still in use.).
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Three Vietnamese mobile phone operators, Viettel, MobiFone and Vinaphone, have been named among the Top 20 Most Valuable ASEAN Telecom Brands in 2016. Unitel, Viettel’s Lao subsidiary, topped the list of Five Best Performing Brands (25th last year) with a 106% increase in brand value, followed by MobiFone (15th last year) with a 76% increase and Viettel (7th last year) with a 68% increase. All three Vietnamese telecom companies have also improved their positions in the Global Telecom Rank, with Viettel rising to 93rd from 126th last year, MobiFone to 125th (165th last year) and VinaPhone to 167th (193rd last year). Brand Finance considered three key factors that impact brand value: brand strength, business performance and external aspects. Brand strength is the most critical because that is what the organisation has most control over and that is where all the marketing money is spent. In 2016, the five best performing telecom brands are from the Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar, showing that ASEAN will be a more competitive playing field very soon, the report said.
The increasing brand values are a strong reflection of the preparedness of local telecom operators in the face of threats from foreign entrants.
VGP – Viettel, Mobiphone and Vinaphone were listed among top 20 Most Valuable ASEAN Telecom Brands 2016. Viettel ranked seven, up 17 positions compared to the previous year, assessed with US$973 million, up 68% and rated with A+. The Vietnamese unit of Hong Kong's Hutchison Telecommunications is set to hold a stake of 49 percent in Vietnamobile, the country's fourth largest mobile network which is being restructured into a new company, news website VnExpress reported on Friday.
According to a report of the Vietnam Telecommunications Authority under the Ministry of Information and Communication, Vietnam had 120.6 million mobile subscriptions by the end of 2015. Looking at the number of new devices on the market, it seems that Microsoft is starting to gain a lot of popularity with its mobile operating platform called Windows Phone 8.1.
This producer in case is Q-Mobile, a local Vietnamese company that rebranded a couple of devices from India. In 2004, the Prime Minister signed a decision approving a development plan for Vietnam’s automobile industry until 2010 with a vision to 2020.
We can sum it up in one sentence: Vietnam’s automobile industry has a long road ahead! That you heard every detail of our program means on one hand that you liked it and on the other hand that you didn’t experience any technical problems while listening.
Most of our listeners prefer stories about Vietnam’s land and people, its society, tourism, science and technology, and traditional music. In Vietnam, the number of mobile subscribers is not the same as the number of users, because a telecommunications customer can register up to three Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs) with the same network provider. These listeners sent us letters or emails with detailed reports of the English programs they heard and comments on technical aspects and program content.
Nokia continues to dominate the leaderboards, selling the most phones, selling the most smartphones and having the most popular smartphone OS.
Quite an achievement to still be number one 12 years later.  In 1999, Nokia were number one with 27% of the market, the next was the then ferocious motorola at 17%, Ericsson (not yet formed with Sony) came third at 11%, Panasonic were 4th and Samsung were 5th at 6%. It might be even frightening to see Symbian even being mentioned as it doesn’t exist in practically 99% of American tech blogs.

Though Nokia may sell the most, they aren’t all priced the same, with the majority of sales numbers coming from lower-mid range handsets. Whilst they seem invisible in relative global sales, they’re dominating the airwaves, tv stations, blogs, and tech sites with their high end, lustworthy devices.
Windows Phone 7 looks to be stirring things up, but it might be too late to drastically change any figures for 2010.
There’s some pretty interesting commentary too highlighting the mobile trends of the decade and of 2009. Business factors are somewhat controlled by the organisation, but are more driven by market forces.
As stronger brands drive higher revenues, investors would also be willing to pay a premium for the company. After yesterday, when the Chinese producer HiSense launched a new WP 8.1 device, today, a new brand is announcing 5 new Windows Phone smartphones.
One of them is XOLO Win Q900s, the lightest Windows Phone 8.1 device on the market (100 grams), that now is available in Vietnam too as the Q-Mobile Dream W473. This week, we were impressed and moved by letters and emails from listeners in Assam, India. But Toshiya Nishimura of 305 Cosmo TS, Hinode Fukui-shi Fukui-ken, Japan, said the signal on 12020 kHz was not good at all. Bhaikan Hazarika, who is head of the Universal DX Club in Rangpur, is among the few listeners who like political issues.
But you know that our Current Affairs segment deals with many domestic and international political issues. Now let’s check out this letter from Dewan Rafiqul Islam, President of the Friends Radio Club in Bangladesh.
I’m not sure if iPod touch is included since it does use the same OS despite not being a phone. However, scientists say 4G is still far from being able to replace fixed internet services.
Vietnam’s automobile industry remains stalled, hindered by economic and social roadblocks. Where RIM and Apple rule the roost state side, these 2009 results show they’re both pretty microscopic Global sales wise. Miss Karobi Hazarika wrote that she was happy to listen to our program, especially the one two weeks ago in which her name was mentioned.

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