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Vodacom will significantly reduce the price of its 5GB and 10GB data bundles on 7 April, which will now form part of the mobile operator’s latest mobile data promotions. Vodacom will cut the price of its 5GB data contracts from R389 to R259, while the price of its 10GB data package will be reduced from R689 to R499. The University of the Free State has a long history of academic excellence, and several of the university’s students show why this is the case. SuperSport’s live streaming service is a great way to follow sporting events when you are away from your TV. You can get something special for mom this Mother’s Day, and without busting the bank.
In what appears to be an effort to resuscitate the popularity of SMS messaging, Vodacom has announced that it will launch new Vodacom SMS contracts which will make sending a SMS cost around the same amount as using Whatsapp and other instant messaging services.
Vodacom and other cellular networks in South Africa have clearly been feeling the effects of the advent of (almost) free instant messaging services such as Whatsapp and BBM.
The launch will see users paying R29 for a bundle of a massive 10 000 SMS messages per month.
The service will also increase Vodacom’s coffers as the subscribers of the SMS contract will have to purchase Vodacom airtime in order to make calls. The obvious draw-back of using SMS’s as opposed to instant messaging services such as Whatsapp, is SMS are more limited than the technologically advanced capabilities of instant messaging services, such as sending pictures, videos and sound files instantaneously to contacts.
Vodacom has already launched a campaign in which they provide users with extremely cheap data, SMS bundles and talk time. MTN and Cell C have not yet announced similar specials, but it is likely that they will follow Vodacom’s lead in a bid not to lose their customers to Vodacom, by offering similar packages. Mobile phones smartphones tablets orange store, Orange south africa brings you the latest mobile phones news videos music lifestyle and more. We have an collection of Tablets Smartphones And Cell Phones Blackberry South Africa in various styles. The Alcatel 2000 is a basic feature phone with a 2.4 inch screen, FM radio, a red SOS button at the back for emergencies, large fonts and keypad buttons, a torch and a battery made to last for 7 hours worth of talk time. This is the second cellphone Vodacom has launched which has been made with an older target market in mind.
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To help change that Vodacom has introduced the Vodacom Kicka, the operatora€™s first Vodacom-branded device and one that doesna€™t skimp on features, but wona€™t put too big a dent in your wallet.
Though many mobile phone manufacturers have introduced lower-cost or budget devices, these seldom come in below the US$200 (A± R2 000) mark a€“ and thata€™s before buying a data bundle or airtime. Priced at only R549, the Vodacom Kicka is powered by Android 4.4 KitKat, the latest version of Googlea€™s immensely popular mobile operating system. The Vodacom Kicka also offers a crisp, contrast-rich 3.5-inch HVGA touch display and a 1 400mAh interchangeable battery. Because Vodacoma€™s vision with the Smart Kicka is to get more South Africans than ever before online, the device also includes popular social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, right out of the box, ensuring users can participate in the big online debates and share images and other content with friends and family a€“ anywhere, anytime. But apps are no use without connectivity, so customers buying the Smart Kicka also receive five free 50MB Power Bundles with the device, to ensure they can access the internet immediately.
The device also includes a folder of Vodacom apps that allow users to download apps from the Vodacom app store, check their balances and buy airtime or bundles through the My Vodacom app, access Vodacoma€™s cloud services, update their device and access the Vodacom Live! Widgets like Vodacom Discover, meanwhile, allows users to keep an eye on their remaining battery, internal and SD card storage and network status, along with information on Vodacoma€™s special offers and new services.
With the Vodacom Smart Kicka, getting online has never been as easy or as cost effective. Herea€™s a neat little infographic to sum up all the highlights from Vodacoma€™s May 2014 interim results. Digital technology is crucial for tomorrowa€™s citizens and leaders and Vodacom has pledged to help connect Eastern Cape learners through 11 new high-tech teacher centres. The widespread penetration of these services, and the fact that they make it possible to contact practically anybody with a smartphone for next to nothing, has made sending SMS messages uncommon – why send a text message for between 25 and 75 cents, when you can send a Whatsapp message for less than once cent?
Competition is healthy and is good for consumers when it brings prices down, so competitive campaigns from MTN and Cell C will be welcomed. Here is some inspiring pictures about Tablets Smartphones And Cell Phones Blackberry South Africa .

In 2012, it launched the Vodafone 155, which looks identical to the Alcatel 2000 and has more or less the same features.
The neat thing about these are that you can opt out yourself over at Google’s HQ, if you read through these pages on the DoubleClick cookie in particular. We will never share or sell these on, except in the rare incidence of a competition in which our promo partner insists on getting access to entries. We do, however, take every effort to ensure that our reporting is accurate and fair to all sides in a story. We’re happy to discuss story details with you and, where appropriate, publish valid corrections as soon as possible. With big features and a small price, the Kicka gives you everything you need from a smartphone. The Vodacom Kicka, on the other hand, takes affordability to heart and promises to connect thousands of South Africans, some of whom may never have been online before, by putting the Internet in their pocket. It has a 1GHz dual-core processor and includes the sort of features consumers expect from smartphones, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a built-in camera and an FM radio.
The offer will be available through the purchase of phone-free Vodacom SMS contracts that costs R29 per month, and can therefore not be used by existing pre-paid and contract customers through their current sim cards.
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In this case, it will be made very clear in the T&Cs for that compo that this will happen. It appears to be a clear effort to add to Vodacom’s subscriber base by attracting new Vodacom customers who are tied in for the contract period. The data bundle, for instance, must be used on the date of purchase and can only be used between 9PM and midnight, meaning there is a 3 hour window within which to use up the 100MB of data, after which it expires.

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