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TV, Broadband And Home phone Made SimpleTV, broadband and home phone made simple phone made simple The best digital TV, broadband or home phone package for you. The HTC One M9 is HTC's new flagship, but there are still plenty of M8s floating around out there.
It's common for last year's model to get cheaper when an OEM moves on to a new flagship, but the HTC One M8 has a lot in common with the M9. When you figure in the price differential, the M8 is still a great purchase for HTC fans.
Great deal for a phone that's actually better than the One M9 (thanks to the awful Snapdragon 810).
I'm not sure why you would say that the One M8 is probably done seeing significant updates. Very valid point, but I purchased 2 M8's today and the first thing the packaging greets you with when you open it up is HTC Advantage marketing where they proclaim their commitment to updates.
And if you’re still not sure which phone is right for you, take my quick cell phone chooser quiz to find out which phone is your perfect phone.
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Both devices have a 5-inch 1080p screen, aluminum unibody chassis, and front-facing Boom Sound speakers.
Pop in an AT&T or T-Mobile SIM for instance, disable all the VZW bloat apps, and get the APN's configured and it should be good to go. I realize more than anyone else how nobody is more full of false promises and missed deadlines than HTC, but I still fully expect that the M8 will still receive updates through about a year from now. The M9 has a Snapdragon 810 instead of the 801 in the M8, but that might not be a good thing for the M9.
These devices are carrier locked (except for Verizon, of course) and will get OTAs only when the carrier sees fit.
The 20MP camera on the M9 is also rather disappointing, but in a different way than the M8's Duo Camera.

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