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How to find out the model of your phone?These are all very normal and important questions when purchasing cell phone accessories. Often times, a cell phone manufacturer will use a common prefix in their Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPN). Although not every phone has a prefix to its MPN, this can be very helpful when locating your MPN on your phone. Nianai iaaaaii eiiiaiey Sprint iaiiaeea eioi?iaoe? ia naiai naeoa, ioiaoea, ?oi aey nia?ooiia HTC EVO Shift 4G. Boost Mobile, Sprint’s pre-paid division, has just announced a new $2 daily unlimited plan, that provides consumers.
Sprint subscribers, you’ve been enduring a rather lackluster phone selection for a while now, but it looks like. Product InformationThe Motorola V323i features a clam-shell design phone which makes it look elegant and smart.

All of our used parts are fully tested and in are in Grade A- to A condition unless stated otherwise.
Submit your device's serial number or model number to check for compatibility using our built-in system. We have a large selection of free take apart and installation guides on our repair guide page: Mac Repair Guides . Click Here to visit our send-in Mac Service center, or call us at 1-866-726-3342, and ask us to do it for you!
Customers who bought this product also bought the following products: This does not necessarily mean these products are compatible with your device.
For over 13 years, Powerbook Medic has been providing parts, repair, and service for a variety of gadgets. Light and compact, this Motorola flip phone comes with dual displays, a 176 x 220 pixels internal LCD display and the 96 x 32 pixel outer display, which makes it easy to find out the number of the caller.

In that time, over 300,000 orders have left our facility for US and international destinations to help save old devices from the landfill and bring them back to working condition. Used parts designated with a Grade B condition may have slight damage such as small dents or deep scratches that are noticeable but should not affect the functionality of the device. Although it may seem a little confusing, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, Alltel, Nextel, and the rest of the service providers do not manufacturer you cell phone.
The Motorola V323i also features Bluetooth V1.1 connectivity, which makes it easy to be paired with other Bluetooth enabled devices. The Phonebook in this Motorola flip phone stores up to 500 contacts with multiple numbers per contact.

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