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To get started, hook your device into your computer’s USB slot with the charging cord. Click on your serial number, located next to the picture of your device and below its software version.
It is very important that your computer have JAVA installed , because without this you can not run the " ssh_rd_rev04b " file. You can then pick the device and choose to remote lock it, remote wipe it or send it a message or sound. If you have your Apple id and password then login to your account otherwise create free Apple id and follow the onscreen instruction.

It helps mobile companies identify valid subscribers and the type of mobile phone equipment being used. Developers frequently use the UDID to assign beta copies of applications, identify the device, and to save changes between installations and deletions of an app. Apple requires that developers locate the UDID manually in order to install and test software that has not yet been approved for Apple devices.
If you are a Zco client, feel free to call your project manager directly with any additional questions you have.
Incase of mobile phone theft or lose, you can request mobile company to disable specific IMEI number to prevent use of stolen phone.Check phone IMEI number using command1.

Here XXX is 15-17 digit number which is unique for every mobile phone.Check IMEI number from battery1. It should have 15-17 digit IMEI number of your mobile phone.Make sure you note down mobile phone IMEI number in safe place.

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