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Ask yourself -- when was the last time you personally opened that thick, hard-to-read yellow directory?  It's been a long time, hasn't it? I would have said the same thing before I read this free chapter offered by the yellow page price busters. I am going to give it one more try this year, and Ken the book specifically talks about how ridiculous the statistics that the yellow page companies give are anyways.
As a media consultant in the yellow page industry, I have witnessed the progression towards Internet Yellow Pages(IYP)from the traditional print first hand. Here are phone numbers of the publishers if you would like to call them instead: The directory publishers listed make it possible for you to stop receiving their books, but they don’t make it easy. Here are predictions I recently heard at a “Drilling Down on Local” conference by the Kelly Group in Santa Clara, California. Over 50% of SMEs that advertise will include vertical and specialized directories, print and online as part of the advertising mix. 4) Practice Managers advise me to network, recycle clients, use the rule of three as I build an associate based law firm and I do NONE of these things.
5) Yellow page ad reps have tried to reel me in with their NEW AND IMPROVED yellow pages Internet extravaganza . As a side note, Practice Managers also advise their clients to network instead of advertising.
People are ABSOLUTELY still turning to the Yellow Pages, especially when they want to review numerous options at once.
This organization combines print, internet and telephone advertising that blows away everything. To be effective, your ad must look different from other ads, make a clear offer and invite the consumer to start a conversation with you. Yellow pages are being used and referenced less and less everyday, but as people switch to more forms of online digital marketing, the pendulum will probably end up swinging back. Granted, overall usage of the print product is on the decline, and the number of titles has proliferated, but they still deliver value if used properly. Print Yellow Pages are effective for attracting certain types of clients in certain situations.

If your current clients ask their accountants for referrals, then that's another market to cultivate. Larry Bodine's comments about getting out of Yellow Pages advertising are on target - and the rebuttal by Ken Clark is laughable, spoken by a true Yellow Pages person. There is no other directional media that can provide buyers the information they need when they need it about local businesses than the print Yellow Pages. We have an collection of Chicago Yellow Pages Free Phone Books In Chicago Illinois Il in various styles.
Get Our New eBooklet FREE!Sign up for our newsletter and get updates, news and information as well as our newest templates. There's no way to break from the clutter -- there are hundreds of lawyer yellow page listings.
Why would you believe statistics that are paid for by the same company that is selling you and ad?
Direct mail won't provide them, yellow pages might provide them, the Internet definitely provides them.
All of my competitors have practice managers that basically tell them to do the same things they all have told me to do.
The results show the ROI for attorney ads is quite positive, and with an ad that distinguishes you from the competition you can truly excel. But, the beauty of the yellow pages is that, unlike search engine rankings or optimization you are not at the mercy of an ever changing system, you get what you pay for, and there are not typically thousands of spammers paying for local listings for Personal Injury Attorney. Eighty-one percent of people who go to the attorney heading in print Yellow Pages say they have already done business or intend to do business with an attorney. The hyper aggressive scare tactics employed by the Yellow Pages sales reps I dealt with last year were signs of desperation. Here is some inspiring pictures about Chicago Yellow Pages Free Phone Books In Chicago Illinois Il . And as a bonus get our newest eBooklet - Four Numbers Functions Everyone Should Master for FREE!
However I think that this year will be the best one yet since I am paying less and have larger ads!

The only elements that I envy of a Print Yellow Page company are their typically sizable customer base and their incredible local sales force.
In other words, according to CRM Metered Ad Study, for every $1 invested in print Yellow Pages attorneys can expect to get back $18 in revenue.
Buy a bold listing with an extra line for your website, and do the same in the White Pages and call it good, then get yourself a website that represents you well.
Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Chicago Yellow Pages Free Phone Books In Chicago Illinois Il interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. Other than that they are a huge slow moving brick and mortar behemoth that must move online if they are to survive. I use organic search and can have a web SEO expert put me on the first page, first three rankings for any niche search I want for a fraction of the price. Their online find engine is entirely keyword searchable and the print ads are all digitized.
They are working on pay-per-call and already have a free telephone version of the talking yellow pages called hello yellow. 90% of all adults reference them at least once a year, 75% in a typical month, and 50+% on average month. Your audience will be so mesmerized with your presentation slides they won’t be able to stop listen to you. What's more it is a 100 year old company and is getting ready for the future in a big way. And let’s remember that not everyone has Internet access to reference those websites you are talking about.

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