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Do you still pay for listings in the Yellow Pages, the Phone Book, Thomson Local or industry-specific directories? As the Internet and social media recommendations (from Amazon reviews to asking your friends on Facebook) have grown, people are increasingly turning away from directories and printed ads as a way to discover products and services. You might say that the directories still serve an older generation that aren’t on the Internet. They ask their children or grandchildren to do the research for them and come back with a recommendation.
So as you think about how to best allocate your marketing spend over the next year take a critical look at your directory and print advertising spend and think about how you can more effectively re-allocate that online. The CubeSocial blog covers social media and digital marketing for B2B and professional services businesses.

The gases, or for that matter anything in this world, is made up of tiny things called atoms.
My experience though is that even this audience are shunning directories… Having heard their family talk about social media they understand that there is better value to be had on the Internet even if they can’t use it themselves. I am planning to change on of my sites post .i might go into one of your free downloadable background design. Inside atoms there are even smaller things called electrons, they can't be seen, only imagined.
You see, the electrons eat up the energy you give them, like heat or electricity, and then they dance around. Yes… When most of the coating wears out, the electrodes can no longer excite enough atoms.

While dancing around, they give out the energy they absorbed, but this time in the form of light.
So, with all their dancing and jumping, they are actually helping us convert electricity to light! So on and so forth, till all atoms inside the tube get excited and start jumping and flying around, giving us light. And they are coated with a special material whose electrons get easily excited through heat.

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